Picc line malarkey

Well i had a lovely trip to casa NHS yesterday. I rang the emergency number as was having chest pains and the shortness of breath was so bad. They told me to go in! Was in there all day, had every scan available! Luckily every scan came back fine but was prescribed stuff for heart burn (so you can definitely get tablets) just incase it was that. Discovered my PICC line is blocked and has completely stopped working, so have to go back up the hospital today to get it unblocked! So this week the only day I wont see the hospital is Wednesday and Saturday :joy:
I’m forever grateful for our NHS but do not want to be spending my days there :joy:

Oh no!! How are you now?? Hope youre ok! Its awful when something happens and you have to spend all day in the hospital.
Wishing you all the best my lovely!! Xx

Im absolutely fine. It was fustrating because I felt fine in myself, just had breathing issues. Still have chest pain but I think its just a side effect, Ill speak to my oncologist about it on Monday!

Hiya! Sorry for the late reply!! How are you now? Has the chest pains gone? Hope youre ok xx

Dont apologise! Its all good! Still struggling with the breathing but spoke to my oncologist yesterday and she wasn’t too concerned so think its just a side effect. Had my MRI on Sunday and waiting for the results. Also got an appointment for my genetic results on Thursday so full of nerves! How are you?