picc line

hi ladies been to see my onc and today been told i need a picc line as not got good veins any advice .well could u tell me how u all feel on them and did it hurt …please b honest thanks love donna xx

I had a picc line after 2 chemo sessions left it difficult to locate a good vein. It certainly makes having chemo much easier and painfree. They can also draw bloods as well. I was given numbing cream to rub on the skin before having the line inserted. Best thing I had done! I made some arm covers from lengths of stretchy material in colours to match what ever I was wearing. Only draw back is you can’t get the area wet so you will need either a waterproof limb cover or clingfilm and tape for when you shower.

thank you hun .put does it hurt as im a baby when it comes to this i got to have it tuesday :frowning: xx

I had a PICC line too, after it took them 3 attempts to find a good vein for my first chemo.
Going in, it hardly hurt. The needle is similar in size to the one for giving blood, but, like supertrouper, I had the numbing cream. It did feel odd as they threaded it through - not painful though.
For a couple of weeks afterwards, I had phlebitis, where the vein swells in protest. It felt a bit like a pulled muscle. Treatment was heat (i slept with a hot water bottle on it) and ibuprofen. After the 2 weeks it was alot more comfy. The arm was still a little stiff, but not bad.
The other bad effect I had was a mild reaction to the water-resistant dressings. I had the line in for 13 weeks, and it took 5 weeks for the itching to get bad. The chemo nurses then found a better one that I didn’t react to, but because you don’t get any air to the skin, it didn’t heal properly until I had the line out. I wish I had mentioned it sooner, as then the dressing could have been improved sooner.

Hi - I also had a PICC line - it was uncomfortable to put in but not painful. I also had a reaction to the dressing and a couple of times it wouldn’t work to take blood out which was a nuisance. I also had the rare side effect of a clot forming where PICC line was so had to go on warfarin for 3 mths - but that is very rare.
They decided on a PICC line for me after a junior doctor at 1am tried 15 times to cannulate me! These veins are a pain when it comes to blood tests etc!!
Best wishes

Hi I also got a picc line in after 2nd chemo.was not sore going in and not sore having it in. No problems with dressings but have developed a blood clot and need to do daily blood thinning next injections for 3 to 6 months.

thank you so much ladies this has helped me a little nowing it dosent hurt when goin in xxx

how long does it take to go in xx

I have a PICC line in at present. Finished chemo 2 weeks ago but veins in arm are still playing up so they decided to leave it in for me starting herceptin. I have not hadproblems lens at all and I’ve now had it in for about 2 months.

The whole process getting it in took about 20 mins. I got injections to numb my arm so didn’t feel it. I would recommend anyone havying problems with their veins to get it.


thank you anng do u feel it like in your chest do u no its inside …or do u not feel it? x thank you all for taking the time to talk to me it making me feel a little calmer nowing it dont hurt and it dont take long to fit it xx

Quinny I sometimes forget it is there. I wear tubi grip to hold it in place during the day but at nights I don’t wear anything. It doesn’t bother me at all. I can’t feel it inside of me either. I was very nervous, like you before I had it put in. Hope I can ease your worries a bit.

I was told there is a high risk of infection with it but I have not had any problems (although I am sure there are other ladies who have) I get mine flushed 3 times per week and the dressing, bits nd bobs changed at one of those visits.


Quinny can’t feel a thing. The only nuisance thing is having to keep it dry when showering or bathing. I get it flushed and dressing changed one a week. And it has saved my veins from further damage.

Quinny, if you are HER2+, I would strongly recommend a port as a PICC line won’t see you through chemo and herceptin

Pixie xx

thank you ladies …1 more question do u feel it goin in even tho they numb it? xx donna xx

I had a PICC when having chemo and I never felt a thing when they put it in. In my case it was a very smooth prodecure.

3N3 xx

Hi, I’ve had my pic in since December and have had 5 chemo and 7 herceptin with no problems apart from skin irritation from dressings. It didn’t hurt when it went in and I too wear a tubigrip during the day. I change the dressing once a week and have it flushed by the practice nurse once a week. Best thing I ever had after multiple attempts at cannulation for my first chemo session last November.

awww thank you ladies u are making me thing mayb i shud go ahead with it tuesday xxx

Just to add, actually having to have the PICC line flushed every week was quite an advantage… I went down to the local surgery where 1 of the District Nurses flushed the line - and took pre-chemo blood too. They were so nice, and supportive, with loads of experience of their patients who had had PICC lines in and how they coped with the diagnosis and chemo. They also sorted my first-chemo-constipation out with ‘Laxido’, for which I am so grateful!
Best wishes for the treatment; this site is great to find that your not alone going through this horrible chemical treatment

Jenks xx

thanks jenks i will b having it tomoz does it hurt when goin in x

Hi there. I was recommended a PICC line and was so glad to have it as my veins were not happy about all the cannulas. It made the last chemo dose so much more straightforward! It felt a bit odd having it put in but it didn’t hurt, even though it took three attempts to get it in properly. Def worth persevering. I saw something called a Limbo recommended somewhere. Basically that’s a sort of plastic sleeve you put on when in the bath or shower and it’s really handy. So good luck with the procedure and i hope it works out well for you.