Does anyone want to meet up for a picnic in or around the strathclyde area could have really massive picnic and meet new friends with one thing in common beating this damn desease.

Come on surly someone must be interested


hi Joanne - sorry no-one has replied - miles and mies away from me I’m afraid - a nice idea and hope you get some takers soon - love FB xx

was hoping to get something organised for same day around the country but fingers crossed


Hi Jo

I would be happy to come to your picnic. I’m not on the site very often these days but I will look out for further details.

Wishing you well.


well Jeanie if I can get more people inyerested i will set a date If not a local pub lol


I am with you in spirit, would not make the 10 hour drive with the petrol problems
Lily x

hey lily it would be great to see you probably wouldnt be till july august anyway give time to get more people


Would love to have joined you but live at the other end of the country, its a great idea.

Judy x

well why dont you try getting one in your own area iam trying here but no one seams interested


I think if you read through there are quite a few meets organised, are there any you can join


I’ll have a cyber picnic with you, pick a time and menu
Lily x

Ok as for menu all the things we are not allowed to eat and all the fattening things that we dont eat when were on our diets, its everything we cant taste during chemo, Mine has got to be trifle or ice cream

Hi Joanne - I’m in Midlothian and would be interested in your picnic, perhaps midway territory…New Lanark maybe?
There are another few people in the Edinburgh area who I may manage to persuade. Let me know more. The problem with it is co-ordinating chemos/radiotherapy sessions etc. However, best of luck with the organisation! Sue xx

Hi Jo… i too am not on the site very often but i would interested in your picnic, i will look in more often for news.

Mary xx