picnics while undergoing chemo

So we’re supposed to try and eat a pregnant womans diet while doing chemo so no soft boiled eggs, pate etc and make sure foods fresh etc.

I’m off out on a photo shoot tomorrow and usually I take a mini picnic on these things so I just opened my recipe file and it’s full of things like pate and coleslaw. Not a good idea. On top of that my mouth is really sore and it’s day 13 today so I’d better be careful with the old immune system tomorrow which has left me pondering what on earth to pack in the ole cool bag.

It’s got to be safe and ideally not crunchy.

If all else fails it’s a BLT for OH and lots of pineapple for me.

Any ideas anyone?



A few idea—
—whole wheat chicken salad sandwich
—yogurt and your pineapple
—if it is short, have you tried nutrition bars…not the sweet stuff…but with omega-3 and protein
—a quiche? combine the bacon, tomato and eggs into one with some vegetables too
—the basic cheese and crackers might be nice


Thanks Emily, you did just remind me how much I like my chicken ceaser salads for later in the summer (waiting for the lettuce to grow, don’t trust the supermarket stuff and I missed the organic market last week :frowning:

I’ve a fan of cold baked beans - I realise I am in a group totalling probably one! … I even used to like the curried ones cold - do they still sell them??? not over here!

No-one told me about the pregnant women’s diet - but then no-one told me anything! I have been eaating normally (well as normally as I ever did) and am still here

What about cheese sarnies - using soft rolls?
Cheese and pineapple sarnies ? yum yum
You could take a can of tuna and make a tuna salad sarnie when ready for it?

A big fat jam doughnut for pud?
How about cold tinned rice pudding with fruit choped in it - yum yum.
Forget the salad and get some fish and chips?
Some dried fruit to keep you going (in more ways than one! - dried apricots make me fart!)

Whatever you do i’d make sure you have nibbles to stop you getting overly hungry - especially if outside - its no joke feeling under the eather and then feeling very hungry - you could start to feel col and horrible quite quickly

good luck - let us know what delights you go for

home ML reads this - she’s does fab cooking - she’s a chef
love FB xxx

just realised you’re into organic - how about brown rice and sultana and nut salad with some beansprouts ?
or brown rice, yogourt and fruit?

can i just say i swear by metacaine lozengers they numb the mouth enough for you to eat absolute bliss


Thanks FizBix.

Apricots do that to you but cold baked beans are OK, you are unique :wink:

My uncle colin loved cold baked beans. so much my one christmas he was given a huge catering sized tin and dared to eat them all in one day, he did if I recall correctly. I do like my organic but donuts are more the food de jour here with those steroids knocking around I recon. Having said that I just saw M&S’s new BBQ range. spatchcock BBQ chicken … yes yes YES :slight_smile:

and I love cheese and pineapple. I’m a real child of the 70s.

I’m also planning the campervans maiden voyage next weekend.

In case others are following the thread a quick run around my bookshelf has rendered a food ideas.

banana and but butter sandwiches.
jellies with fruit.
cocktail sausages (cool bag needed)
cold falafel
avocado, serrano ham, cherry tomatoes and croutons, dress at last minute with vinagarette dressing. lovely (also great with chicken for extra protein) I think I’ll just use olive oil and herbs while my mouth’s sore though.

stop it you lot Im hungry!!

erm…as far as I’m concerned, I’m eating anything I fancy at the moment! (she says with a packet of cadbury’s fingers at her side)! Surely we just have to find what foodstuffs tickle our fancy just now? It’s rather like being pregnant in that regard, don’t bother about gaining weight, enjoy!