piles question

Hello ladies,
Bit of advice please?
I’ve had 2 ec treatments so far and 2nd went well. I’m on day 10. Today but had a dodgy tummy and have a very sore bottom which bleeds. Today its got slowly worse and just been again and noticed loads of blood in the loo which scared me.
I’ve put cream on but I’m worried about the amount I saw.
Should I ring the dr’s in the morn or is that normal with piles!
Thanks I’ll try get back to sleep now got school run in the morning.
Fran xx

Hi there,
Youch that sounds really horrid. My suspicion is that the dodgy tum mixed with the effect of chemo on cell growth/repair are to blame, but I am not a medic. If you have teeny weeny cuts/tears in that area they may bleed quite a bit. I would phone your GP or your BCN as soon as you can for advice - they will be able to put your mindat rest I’m sure.

For your next cycle make sure you have some immodium or some such in. You may find, as I did that there are some foods you just cannot tolerate during chemo (for me that included cheese, mayo and fish; I seemed to live on ham sandwiches and pasta with tomato sauce!) but it is ‘only’ for a few months and then normal eating can be ressumed.

Hope all goes well for you and that you feel better soon

Well thanks for your reply!
Do you know I’ve been eating beetroot and although there is a bit of blood I forgot what it does to the colour of your poo!
I think its funny now I was panicking like mad in the night!

ah, beetroot - mmm, between that and Epirubicin (E) on the pee all VERY colourful! :wink:

Middle of the night is the worst - the old brain , especially when fuelled by St Eroid, goes into overdrive.

Anyways, hope you feel more comfy soon.