Hello everyone

After my first chemo I didn’t go for 5 days. So for the second and subsequent ones I used to take a dose of lactulose and sennakot liquid before I went to the hospital and another dose when I came back. That seemed to do the trick.

However after my first Taxotere I had what felt like enormous external piles - really horrible. I bought some Preparation H Gel (from the internet as I couldn’t get out of the house at that stage). To my surprise that did the trick and the piles just disappeared.
Take care everyone
Anthi x

Overdose on strawberries - sorted me out every time,can’t face them now!

Babyboo - LOL - I can just picture you Hahahahaha-ing!

hiya girls,
Ok talking piles, each time i was pregnant i suffered with alfull piles so much so that all the midwives were talking about them Ha (Not funny at the time though) then an old fashioned midwife came up to me and gave me an natural old fashioned remedy and promished it would work, she told me to buy some glycerine (the stuff you put in cake iceing) applyed with cotton wool on and around the offending area, i was willing to try anything at the time .I did what she suggested and it worked brilliantly (apparently theres something in the glycerine that make piles shrink) to this day if i ever get piles thats the only thing i ever use and they go within days. Try it, sometimes the old remedies are the best .
Take care
Lindiloo xx

off to the chemist to buy the glycerine…

Ok, this sounds gross but it is the only thing that is helping me go to the toilet without crying my eyes out…

When you sit on the seat to go then pull one of your cheeks to the side and it doesn’t sting…

I am going to have my PICC line cleaned at the hospital today so I shall be brave for all of us and ask them what else they suggest… leave you dignaty at the door…AGAIN!

A small pack of frozen peas are also very useful for swollen “farmers”. Please don’t eat after!!!


I too find that helps - just haven’t been brave enought to write it down!!!

Hope you find some peace. I had my chemo yesterday so am prepared for a few days of pain - fingers crossed not tho!!

Take care