I just read your comment on another thread regarding your change in treatment. I would just like to wish you the very best of results, and I am very sorry you have this hurdle to face, especially at this time of year.

Good Luck,


May I join you too Jenny. I was so sad to read Pinkdove that you have to go through WBR on top of all you have faced. It would be a brave onc indeed to predict any timespan with your response to treatments. Thinking of you and hoping you will notice improvement very quickly.


Hi Pinkdove, I did post a message to you but in the middle of another thread, another forum so thanks to Jenny for starting this thread. I just wanted to wish you well with WBR. I hope you and your family still manage to have some good times this Christmas. I do hope you will start to feel the benefits of the treatment very soon…I will be thinking of you. Take Care…Love Belinda…x


I missed the thread re Pinkdove. Whats WBR? I hope you are ok.


You were the first person to respond to one of my queries. I’ll be thinking of you and hope things improve quickly.

Take care

Lynne xxx

Hi Jenny, Dawn, Belinda, and Lynni

Thank you all so much for your posts.

Lynni, WBR means whole brain radiation although it’s not actually in my brain it’s in my skull so is bone led. My oncologist rang me yesterday afternoon after I saw her in the clinic and she said that my case is slightly unusual (!) partly because people normally present at a very late stage when they are really poorly.

So I’m back to facing the dark and scary place that I was in two years ago but I’ve responded well in the past to treatment and my hope is that it’ll be the same again.

I’m starting rads on 22nd but have a blood transfusion booked for next week as my acupuncturist said that I’m a bit like Eeyore at the moment so hoping that Tigger comes back soon!


and bouncing!!!

I hope you don’t mind me asking, how long is the treatment for?

Hi Pinkdove

Really sorry to hear this news and that you have to be beginning new treatment so close to CHristmas. Hope you don’t feel too poorly with the WBR.

Will look out for that bouncy Tigger - though have always had a soft spot for Eeyore!

Kay xx

Yes I too hope the treatment brings back your bounce soon Carol. You take care of yourself and rest up when you need to. Love Belinda…x

Sorry to hear this news Pinkdove, just want to add my good wishes and hope WBR works for you and that you don’t feel to tired.
Love Debsxxx

Hi Pinkdove

So sorry to hear this news - and so close to Xmas. Hope the New year brings you better things

Barbara xxx

Hello Carol - I only seem to look in here now and then - and of course this thread jumped straight out at me. Over the last year you were such a support to me, and of course to so many others, both here and through your support group. I haven’t seen the other thread that is mentioned here, so don’t know the details, but can only imagine that this is a horribly difficult and scary time for you. I hope so much that you are getting wonderful support both from your friends and families, and the medical and nursing staff who are looking after you. I will be thinking of you, and hoping so much that this treatment will bring a big improvement for you. If anyone can get through this, it’s you. Hold on there Carol - better and brighter days are surely ahead. Thinking of you and with love Sarah xx

Hi Carol
Just wanted to add my good wishes for a successful outcome to your treatment. I will be thinking of you and praying for you in the coming weeks.I hope that you will be well enough to enjoy a little bit of Christmas. You have come back from the dark hole before and you will do it again.
Love and best wishes Barbara x

Hi Carol

best wishes for your treatment. My thoughts are with u

Kay xx

So sorry to hear this news. You’ve been a good support to me and I hope treatment goes well with not too many side effects. I haven’t found the thread which says when you found this out.
Hope all goes well.

Good Luck and God Bless.
Marion xx

Hi everyone

Thank you so much for all your kind wishes. Even though I haven’t met most of you (except Kay123) it’s lovely to get such warm wishes.

I’ve to have 5 sessions of wbr but it was my decision to have it before Christmas because I knew it would be at the back of my mind otherwise. If that doesn’t work they have a chemo lined up for me which is administered directly via a shunt into the head.

The big bummer (for me) is losing my hair yet again (this’ll be the third time) but I’ve decided to buy a really good wig this time (have 5 already!) but I understand from my oncologist that it takes longer to grow back than when on chemo.

I do have a really good support network at home especially my husband and it makes so much difference and my heart goes out to people who don’t have that support because I’m sure I wouldn’t cope as well as I do.

I still feel relatively well and am determined that I’m going to get over this again but it doesn’t take away the panic sometimes and scariness of it all.

Blood transfusion tomorrow so hopefully tigger will emerge soon! I like Eeyore as well but I like a bit more get up and go (probably halfway between the two!)

Love carol

Hi Carol, it is good to see you posting. Just wanted to wish you luck with the treatment - I’ve never heard of chemo being delivered direct to the brain - is that something new?



PS the hair thing is just not fair, is it. How can it be that cancer cells become chemo resistant but our hair follicles don’t?

Love Deirdre

Hi Deirdre

I’ve never heard of chemo being administered directly to the head either and I’ve not heard of the chemo they are planning to use if the wbr doesn’t work but my oncologist said by it going straight in there via a shunt it ensures that it’s getting directly to the place rather than through i.v. means which can go to the rest of the body.

It is losing my hair again which is making me feel a bit down plus I have hick dark hair which I’ve grown longer over the last 8 months and I thought this is just typical! If it was still as short as it was at the beginning of the year I don’t know how I’d have felt. It’s just a constant reminder isn’t it that you’re having treatment.

Although I did say to my oncologist that if it means it gives me more time and a good quality of life then I’ll have it.

Love Carol