Pins and needles

I just wondered if anyone has suffered from pins and needles in their hands whilst taking letrozole?

Yes, I have but hadn’t made the connection as it only started 18months after starting the tablets. Have tried several makes but have finally persuaded my GP that Femara suit me best. Have had hot flushes/insomnia/joint pain and mood swings, all of which have been lessened since taking Femara, but still have split nails and “tingly” hands. Hope you can find a make that will suit you better as I don’t believe “they are all the same whatever the make”.

I take the Sandon brand which works best for me. My doctor puts the brand on my prescription.

The brand’s do make a difference …I have asked doctor for the accord brand as that seems the better option.

On tamoxifen n get pins n needles in hands.