Pins & Needles driving me mad !


Hoping someone can give me some advice on this one; as you know (coz I keep reminding you - sorry) I finished chemo on 31st August. My last four treatments were paclitaxel and gemcitabine. The side effects of this drug caused me to have pins and needles and numbness in my fingers and toes. I was warned by my Oncologist that this does take a while to disappear, but being impatient as I am, and nearly 3 weeks since chemo, its annoying me now. My fingers do seem to have improved but my feet haven’t - especially my left foot (could this be because it’s my left boob that has the tumour ???)

I’m finding it hard to keep it still, I’m wiggling my toes as I’m typing this as its soooo uncomfortable, and nothing seems to help.

Has anyone else experienced this on taxol ? Any advice/tips would be appreciated before I take a carving knife to it and cut the damn thing off (drastic I know, but at least I would’nt feel it -LOL !)

Julie xx

Hi Julie

Sorry can’t help you on this as not had this experience and on different chemo. Hopefully you are OK today and things not too bad. Can you not speak to onc, bc nurse, or docs and see if there is anything they can prescribe to help you with it. Must be something out there. Are you keeping your tootsies warm, maybe that might help - dunno. Useless or what am I? LOL

Hope you find something to help, or it goes pretty soon.

Take care

Bless you Dawn for responding ! I’m just gutted no-one else has - come on there must be someone else out there who’s experienced “funny feet” !!

I’m ok, I’m still going to work, and yes I’m keeping my tootsies very warm - have had socks and boots on today. I think I will have another word with my Oncologist though - you’re right, there must be something they can give me.

Thanks again Dawn - hope you’re ok !

Love Julie xx

Chemos have odd effects - I had awful neurological effects with Navelbine. There is nothing to do but bear with it, keep exercising as much as possible, and talk to the doctor about painkillers if it is painful. My problem was that the muscles in the leg seemed to stop working and walking was both tiring and painful. It was six months before I felt anyway back to normal. I still have a peculiar lack of sensation in the soles of the feet [two and a half years later].

Sorry - patience is all I can suggest.

Hi Julie

Sorry not replied before, had pc probs, and sorry again as can’t help you with symptons as not on same as you yet. Only 2nd EC, Taxol and Gemcitabine to follow. As Dawn said though have you spoke to onc. or Vanessa.
I hope you get some help for it and then you can pass on the info to me!!LOL. No, truly hope you get something sorted soon Julie, thoughts with you and speak soon.