Piqray/Alpelisub and Fulvestrant treatment

I have just started Piqray / Alpelisib and Fulvestrant treatment for secondary breast cancer. I am the first person in my chemo department on this treatment. I realise it is a very new targeted treatment but was wondering if anyone else is on it so we could share experiences. 

Hi Dee , May be worth posting on this thread ? Link below .Good luck with your treatment I hope it brings some positive news for you .

Hi Dee
I hope you are well. I have just started the piqray and fulvestrant. Its my 2nd clinical trial unfortunately my first trial failed with progression. I am the first on this trial against inavolisib with fulvestrant. I have to travel 2 hours to get my treatment. The other trial i was on was called Capture but my cancer spread more in my spine, liver and now lung as i had to wait 36 days to get on a second trial with no treatment. I was just wondering if you have any pointers on side effects, have you had any bad ones. I do hope you are doing ok sister. Thank uou 🩷