Please help me with another work question!!!!

I only seem to post on this forum when I have a work problem/query…
My employer has just introduced a new abscence policy and they are asking me to show them my hospital letters detailing each appointment.
Is this legal for them to ask for this?? I did offer on my return to work to bring in my letters but was told there was no need given what I had been off work for. Also they are not paying me for these appointments so a bit of a cheek I think…
Any advice anyone please…
Many thanks xxx

Hi Fluffychick, your employers can ask you for proof of appointments if they are interrupting work time. Are they asking you to take leave for these appointments? if they are that is not allowed as this can be construed as discrimination under the protected characteristic of disability under the Equality Act 2010. If they are saying that they can’t actually pay you when you are taking this time and are then deducting this from your pay, this is not particularly supportive, but dependent on the size of the company that you work for they may be able to argue that this is not what is referred to as a reasonable adjustment and will damage the organisation financially, however they are treading dangerous ground should you wish to take further action!

There are some good links on this site which your employer might like to read:

Useful for you to read:

Hope you find this info useful, Simone xxx


Your employer can ask for you to provide details of appointment times it is quite usual; I’m a little concerned that they are not paying you whilst attending. In my office they expect you to have routine appointments on your own time; you can normally take time & make it up later. For BC though you have proection under the Equality Act.

Does your employer have a sickness policy in place which you can check. They are required to make reasonable adjustments to allow you to attend your appointments.

I got hold of a very good book I think from Macmillan (unfortunately it’s in my desk at work). I’ll post on here tomorrow with the title & i’ll have a quick look to see if any info is of use for you. You can then go onto Macmillan & order 1. It is actually written for employers & could be helpful.

Take care

thanks for your comments.
I have not been paid for any of my appointments was told it was okay to make up the time but then they changed their mind and told me my job is 9-5…
sick pay is at managers discretion in fact I have just gone back to work today after 3 days off for a throat virus and under our new policy had a return to work interview, that was when i was told i would need to bring in my hospital letters…
I think I have said this before when i have posted but I am sure my employer doesn’t realise i am covered by the Equality Act…
Oh well best go an find my letters, thanks for your advice and the links…
Fluffy xxx


Further to my post yesterday eve. The book I got hold of is called
“Work & Cancer” from Macmillan for employees, not sure it had a great deal of info in there to help your situation.

They also do another for employers on the Equalities Act which I think went into more detail.

If you qualify for Satutory Sick Pay; you are entitled to this by law. Why don’t you give the helplines a call or if you are feeling brave log onto the HMRC web-site & follow the links for SSP. There may be some info in there on qualifying conditions so you can check for your own situation.

Take care

Hi Fluffy Chick

I would think that if the sickness policy has only just been introduced then it is ‘from that day forward’ and they can’t ask for documents that were not covered by the old sickness policy. If they don’t realise they/you are covered by the Equality Act I’d let them know, it is there responsibility to treat you in a fair and reasonable way. Speak to ACAS 08457 47 47 47 or your local CAB for advice.

Best wishes

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