Please Help Me!!!

I had a mastectomy on the 10 may and recon on good side and was sent home 23 hours later!!! Had complication whereby the expander they installed got infected and i had to be readmitted to hospital 6 days later for surgery to remove expander and wash out of infected area they got 150ml of infection out plus what was already in the drain!! Was then in hospital for a week on antibiotics. Now having to go to dressing clinic regularly for a huge blood blister on good side which turned nasty. Not heard or seen anything from BC nurse tho left her lots of messages, after all this the good news is that they got all the DCIS (143mm high grade) with clear margins and negative on the lymph nodes so no more treatment required!!! apart from will have to go back for implant at some stage and blood blister shows no sign of clearing up how does this happen?? getting really fed up with all the visits to the dressing clinic and no real answers from any one when will i get a softee or prosthesis ??

Any advice pleeeeeese
sorry to whinge



Are you ok? What’s wrong?

can we help?


Hi Ang

Thanks I dont know if u can help or not I need to know if its normal to feel as if ive been abandoned now the surgery is over I have this huge blood blister that burst 5 weeks agao and is still not healed i go for regular dressing changes but no-one can or will tell me how it happened. My BC nurse dosnt return my calls im wanting to get a ‘softee’ or prosthesis but who do i go to?

thanks again


Hi Jo

Please feel free to call our helpline or use our ‘Ask the Nurse’ email service, the number to call is 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm, the ATN service can be accessed via the ‘Support for you’ tab at the top of this page.

Best wishes