Please Help need Advice

Hi all, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2009, was grade 2 12mm 100% hormone driven, had op, chemo, rads and now on tamoxifen. Had a hysterectomy to further reduce my hormone levels. Problem is last night i was lying on couch and thought I could feel a node in my neck (I was node negative ) I have lost weight recently due to diet. I can feel the thing when i press down and do circle movements but not when I just press down when i raise my shoulders up cant feel it at all, I am making myself very sore constantly feeling. I cant handle this much more been nearly 4 years of anxiety and stress for me now. Do any of you know what a node feels like ???


Hi notbreastfriend

It sounds like you’re having a pretty anxious time at the moment. As well as the support you receive here please do give the BCC helpline a call and talk this through with a member of staff. Here you can share your feelings and concerns with some one who will offer you a listening ear as well as emotional support and practical information. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 9 to 2pm.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator