please help - poss side affects?

hi dilys didnt realise u were nearly finished herceptin. good on you. best wishes
see i read almost every site on here ha ha

Hi Maria! Lovely to hear from you. And yes indeed nearly finished. How are you my love?


Hello Lorna and everyone
No, they let me go straight away afterwards only took my blood pressure before and after treatment, and temperature before.

I was a bit surprised when I was told there were no side effects as obviously I’ve been reading on here that heart checks should be done. As it was just my first one last week maybe they will do heart checks at some point, how often are they done for you?

I’ll be having the second Herceptin on Monday with 4th chemo, and that is only just over a week since the last Herceptin last week although the Onc said its fine to have them so close together.

Still, my treatment is probably slightly different because I am in France, not UK.

Good luck everyone, and Dilys do you know if there will be any further treatment after you finish Herceptin or is that it?

hi there sorry not been around but i am still feeling constantly sick and dizzy still. we have new doc at our practise who keeps asking same questions as well, am i depressed, wots my mood like, am i coping with looking after the kids ok. i felt like screaming at him that off course im low anddepressed cos im feeling ill for past two months with no answers as to why.

i now have another tooth infection and it has to come out monday with herceptin on wednesday and my partner working late shift which will eaual stress in the evenings lol. why is it docs wanna pin things on ya being depressed tho its as though he wants me to say i have depression and hand me pills. they prescribed cylozine which aint doing much at o and they are quite stroong