please help with advice am really worried

hi am Dawn and am 36 years old my mum died of cancer of both breasts when i was very young in her early 40s after a 12 year battle as well as lots of other family memebers what i can trace ,ive just started going to the family history clinic and had a mamogram on new years eve i got a letter back within the week to go yesterday for another one and a ultrasound it turnd out theres i think a lump on my right breast so just had that one done ,i havent a clue what happens now as i was to worried to ask what the dr who did the ultra sound thinks it is ,i havent seen a dr yet he said he would pass on my notes to another will they write to me am so scared i have got cancer i dont know what to do ?

Dear Dawn,

The first thing is that the lump is not necessarily cancer. Even in families with a strong history of breast cancer (several close relatives) there is a good chance that it isn’t breast cancer.

Supposing that your lump is breast cancer. The lump has been found by mammography screening. As you haven’t felt a lump yourself then it is likely that the lump has been caught much earlier than in most women. This is good news.

The treatment for breast cancer has come a long way since your mother first developed breast cancer. This means that should you have breast cancer your chances of surviving the disease are much better than when your mum had breast cancer.

In the meantime, it’s the waiting that is difficult. Even if you are referred for more screening and a fine needle aspiration or biopsy (where cells are taken from the lump and then looked at by a pathologist) this doesn’t mean that you should completely panic. Remember that good clinicians tend to have a ‘belt and braces’ approach and will just want to check you out thoroughly, especially considering your family history.

Good luck.

Best wishes,


hi dawn

hope everything turns out well for you

take care

Dear Dawn,

Just to let you know I am thinking of you and do let us know how you get along.

Best wishes, Pauline

Hi Dawn

Wishing you luck with the results and hopefully it is a cyst or something and nothing sinister. Let us know how you get on though and hopefully we can celebrate with you.

Take care and thinking of you
“Another” Dawn

I went thro exactly the same as you ( I won,t forget the terrible fear ) fortunately my lump was benign, most are, but if not then treatment nowadays is superb. my wee sis has had bc twice. but she fights on, and so can you.

big hugs for you and good wishes…xxx