Please,please not again.

I was diagnosed in August 2007, had lumpectomy,6 FEC,25 sessions of radiotherapy and had my last herceptin on 13th February. I went for my first Mammogram since diagnosis on 3rd February and then went off on a holiday for 2 weeks the day after my last herceptin. I have arrived home today to find a letter recalling me to the breast clinic for more tests.
I’m going out of my mind with worry that it’s back again,has anyone else had experience of this? I was looking forward to getting my life back on track, and to be hit with this seems so unfair when I only finished treatment 2 weeks ago.Wednesday seems so far away.


Quite often a mammo can be hard to read or show up scar tissue or ‘collapsed’ cysts[I had one of those!].Of course you are worried,anyone would be.Have you got a ‘one stop’ appointment?It would be truly dreadful to have to wait ages for results.Your GP will have a little more info so you could ask what the rreferral letter said.My GP is very good about sharing info like this.
Good Luck,valx

hi karen - my friend had to have an ultrasound after her first mammo when her treatment had finished and the radiologist said it was fairly common to have to have a closer look - prob like val says for fiddly bits and scar tissue etc? Mary x

I was dx in March 06 and finished treatment in Dec 07. Had a mammo in June 07 and everything was fine but had another mammo last month and now have to go for a scan. The radiographer did tell me that I have fibrodenoma so gather they want a closer look at these to be on the safe side. Needless to say it doesn’t stop you from worrying which is just horrible.
Hope everything is okay for you Karen.

I’m happy to report that all is well. I was worried at first as it was the other breast to my lumpectomy that was causing concern, so obviously not scar tissue. Anyway, nothing showed on the 2nd mammogram but they did an ultrasound just in case, and found nothing.
The relief was immense,and I went out with my husband and daughter for a celebratory lunch !
No more hospital visits for 6 months now, so I’m going to try and start living ‘normally’ again.
Good luck to all those awaiting results, it’s such a horrible time.


Hi Karen,

thats great news and I’m well pleased for you! I too have had good news this week so the glass of wine I’m having now is for both of us! I know only too well how worrying it is when you get recalled after scans, thank god we’ve got something to celebrate though! I reckon that celebratory lunch tasted really good didn’t it?

Best wishes to you and all who are currently playing that awful waiting game,

Take care,