Please read - food for thought!

This recent article ‘The Problem with Pink - Our feel - good war on breast cancer’, is well worth a read.

It addresses many aspects of breast cancer, from ‘early detection’ to ‘low funding for metastatic disease research’.

Having read many times over, on various forum threads, posts about DCIS & mammograms, BC ‘awareness’, concerns over BC spread, ‘prophylactic mastectomy’, lack of focus on & support for secondary BC , etc. - this article makes you think and provides facts about BC in 2013.  


I am putting this article in each section ofthe forum.

Hi Jenanne


I replied to this post in a different thread. Glad you’ve posted it here too so as many as possible get to read it.


Poemsgalore xx

Dear Kath (poemsgalore), I thought it was a balanced, well-written article.  The comments & facts relating to secondary breast cancer interest me - considering what BCC were, or still are as far as I know, making their overall theme for Secondary Awareness Day in October.


Best wishes to you also.


Jen xx