Please read - food for thought!

This recent article ‘The Problem with Pink - Our feel - good war on breast cancer’, is well worth a read.

It addresses many aspects of breast cancer, from ‘early detection’ to ‘low funding for metastatic disease research’.

Having read many times over, on various forum threads, posts about DCIS & mammograms, BC ‘awareness’, concerns over BC spread, ‘prophylactic mastectomy’, lack of focus on & support for secondary BC , etc. - this article makes you think and provides facts about BC in 2013.

Thank you for posting this. It raises some very important points that deserve further discussion.

I read this and wished I hadn’t.  It paints a very depressing picture of possible survival and  I don’t think it will help anyone who is going through treatment to read this as to be honest it basically says most of us are doomed.  Great.

Re. breast cancer screening, the new NHS breast screening leaflet gives the information for treatment in the UK now.  Go to the BCC Home page, down to the BCC Blog, 3rd. article down.

But the article isn’t just about screening, it is about many things:


Some cancer charities spend large amounts of money on “awareness” and only a tiny percentage on research.


The use of emotions and fear to channel funding rather than focussing on what will actually save lives. 


Excessive focus on “good news”/feel good stories and the marginalisation of women with metastic breast cancer


As far as I know, the points in the article about DCIS are correct.  Invasive cancer is a different matter.


An excellent article. Very thought provoking, 


Thanks for posting. 



I found this article very interesting, thank you for posting it.  It has alayed some of my concerns for my daughters.  It’s also made me feel surprisingly at ease and better informed for my discussions with my consultant.

A very intelligent and interesting article. It has articulated some thoughts that I’ve had already as well

as raising others.  The comments at the bottom of the article are worth reading too.

Thanks for posting.

Hi all,


I don’t post very often or actually read blogs more than once every week if that, too busy enjoying life!!!

However I’m one of those 30% whose cancer returned, altho there was a question mark whether I had Mets from the 2009, IBC which is also usually Her2 and very aggresive…   So on that basis i’ve survived over 5 years! 


Altho I don’t like the ‘pink’ month  I do do ‘the race for life’.    Yes I will be on targeted treatment for the long haul, however as I had suspected mets from the start a close eye has been kept.  It is on the head of my pancreas (very unusual, trust me! )   but very small. Has never caused me any probs.  Full of energy and just about to go on a walking holiday in Mid Wales with my hubby and another couple.  She  was dx in 2007ish with DCIS , returned in 2011 in both breasts and after surgery is now recovered.   Not a natural boob between us!!!  Mine are better!!! lol!


So although the article is very thought provoking and does speak of things that may make people feel doomed please remember there are many many more people surviving long term with mets from whatever cancer they were first dx with.    As for statistics  please remember by the time they reach the public they are very often out of date,


My fav saying is ‘Remember life is not about waiting for the storm to pass it is about learning to dance in the rain’   and boy do I dance!!


So please everyone keep smiling and hopefully you are all enjoying the lovely weather! 


Take care all and I’m off to pack!






I was due for screening this year, but went to docs with pains in right. Had felt no lumps. Got referred to clinic, Lo and behold inv lob in left. Screening would have picked it up and I would have been treated this year in any case. Waiting now for results of clear margins and sln. Saved me from bigger surgery as it probably wouldn’t have been palpable for a long while.