please share ANY input...I am in a very bad way right now. tamoxi sithdrawal issues?

sMy last day of tamoxifen, after 5 years, was May 30, 2014.  I had read to expect more intense hot flashes, which i have…I just drip sweat almost always, always so very hot.  and I read there may be extensive mood swings.  I never had PMS in my life so not sure how mood swings feel.   I am a horsewoman, and my dream colt has some skeletal physical issue and i have been trying to help him for 5 years.  I have spent over 20K on him, to help him.  He is fine if not ridden but I am trying to give him a chance.  So he is in pain again and my rehab vet says he is not and it is just training.  i am so upset, and I am an empath and I know this horse hurts so i have that going on - this is for your background


okay, here are my questions (left a message with med onc nurse too)


I have been having about 1-3 debilitating migraines every week.  I am having a hard time functioning - the pain, the nausea, the fatigue, the dizziness. 


please help me


These frequent migraines…is this tamoxi-related?  I had my first migraine at age 9 and I am 54.  But this is geting ridiculous.  and I lose 3-4 days/week.  and i own my own horse farm and it is getting hard :frowning:


This horse is also in pain again, and my rehab vet says he is not, but he is, and my regular vet i need her confidential input as the rehab vet is her boss.  okay, I won’t go into detail about horse stuff, but I am finding myself hugely emotional about this, as I have been trying SO HARD for 5 years to help this colt.


So not only am I having soooooo many migraines, both classical and common, I am hugely depressed over my baby boy.  Is ANY of this tamoxi withdrawal related?  esp all of these migaines?  I am technically now post- menopausal.  Can my ovaries be trying to make a little estrogen?  I have always had migraines but not this frequent.  triggers have been catching the light wrong, there was a small time where I’d get them during my period week (at that time i worked at Duke and a Duke doc gave me high doses of naprosyn for migraine prophylaxis which resulted in ulcerative colitis for me.  i cannot take NSAIDs now - either suffer or take narcotics.  I cannot take imitrex.


I don’t know if my emotions and mental breakdowns (as in crying and suff) ar real, or tamoxi based, or the tamoxi withdrawal is exacerbating my crying and depression.


How many of you have had a LOT of migraines upon disconituance of tamoxifen?


i am so very miserable and sad,  but grateful i have a wonderful understanding man with me.


My last boyfriend got mad at me when I could not go to parties during radiation cuz i needed sleep.  ahole.  Never met a man like Ben.  He is my treasure


thanks in advance.

hi anne,i have taken a tamoxifen break long story but anyway,iv been feeling so sick and dizzy since i have stopped!never felt dizzy when i was taking it.iv been off it a month and am about to start again hoping the sickness and dizzy head goes…also iv been very down and that isnt me…weepy up and down mood swings.xx

Hi Anne and Sarah, welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through the side effects you are experiencing, lines are open during the week 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

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Lucy BCC

Anne, perhaps your emotional distress over your horse is having a knock on effect on your migraines. I think you should talk this through with your medical team. You seem very vulnerable.

In the meantime try to get as much rest as possible to allow you to cope with the distress you are experiencing.

Anne, I can empathise with the migraine situation. I started having them three years ago. A neurologist friend told me that it was heralding the start of the menopause. Anyway, I’m now on tamoxifen, after being diagnosed with invasive bc last May.
I have had a couple of bad migraines since being on tamoxifen,. Can I share with you my success in limiting migraines ? It does work. I was advised my my neurologist friend to do the following:
Give up caffeine completely, this made a massive difference, give up alcohol for a few weeks and gradually introduce it, I can’t drink white wine anymore, give up painkillers for at least six weeks. This really works, as is was having rebound headaches due to medication over use. I only use them if I really need to. I also use sumatriptan if it’s really bad. The other tips are, drink at least two litres of water per day, eat regularly and finally, try to reduce stress. It’s easy to say, but it does work. I wish you well. Maybe you should see your GP ?
Take care

so I am very dizzy, nauseous, and head pressure hurts - living on mucinex, sudafed and benadryl.  Having friends drive me to my GP tomorrow.  My med onc says none of these are related to tamoxi.  My gut says different.


I read somewhere it takes 2-3 months to get this nasty tamoxi out of my body?  anyone know?