Please share your success stories to cheer us up on a bad day.


I thought it may be a good idea to start a thread (not sure if its been done before) that people who have success stories and have been cancer free for years could share their stories. ( whether they had DCIS, triple negative, Her-2 +, aggresive tumours etc,)

It would be nice to come to this thread to give you hope and cheer you up if you were having a bad day.

What do you think girls? I would love it.


Hi Mandy


Julie x

take care

Hi Mandy

Sounds like a fab idea to me.

Kay x

Moderator - Could this even be a heading for the categories?

Mandy surely anyone who has been cancer free for years is not going to be hanging around on a breast cancer forum!!!

I think it good news that I have survived 18 years with breast cancer - certainly not cancer free. Have had numerous new tumours, recurrences, secondaries but still here !! One man’s meat is anothers poison eh :slight_smile:


There was an animated discussion recently along similar lines. You’ll find thr thread under forum feedback 'Positive area/news etc ’
Makes interesting reading.

I’m similar to Dawn. I was in remission for 10 years and got on with my life, went back to work, the gym, ski-ing etc. and never even thought of going on one of these sites.

However, 3.5 years further on from then I’ve got secondaries so do use this site but I’m still upbeat and, most of the time, have a good quality of life.

Even out of something as bad as the stage we’re at there is still good news about.


This is not a good news story about being cancer free (tho I am, but only 14 months on from dx) but a good news story about hair.

When my hair first came back I was delighted (finished chemo in Sept) but as it grew more I began to hate it. It was unruly & scruffy & I felt I couldn’t do anything with it.

Last week I had my first hair cut. Although it is still short, it is now in a proper style, one anyone could have chosen, and I love it! I no longer feel like a cancer patient with short funny hair, but as a stylish woman with a great hair cut. Even the grey has appeared as a streak at the front, rather than all over.


I have read the other thread and I see their point of view. I would still like to hear about the good news stories and like someone sugggested, maybe there could be a primary and secondary section for good news.

The reason I thought it would be a good idea is that I am a strong person and some days I get really down and look at my 2 year old daughter and wonder whether I will see her leave school and it breaks my heart. I have just had a local recurrence and very occasionally I like to read about people who have been in my situation and have survived. I don’t want to offend people but I want to hear about people who have become ‘disease free’ for many years, I am not ready to think about secondaries yet and like it was suggested, if I got econdaries then I would like to look at their thread and read there positive stories.

Maybe I am being selfish and thoughtless but its how I feel. Even if I stay cancer free, I will still go on this forum to help newly diagnosed men/women who are scared like I was and hopefully in 10 years I can tell them of my success story.

It was only an idea.


PS Roadrunner - Glad you like your hair, I actually liked mine for the first time last week since it started to grow back a year ago, feel feminine again.xx


I have a good friend nearly eight years on, her children were 2 and 5 when she was dx. And she has a friend 10 years on, who was grade 3 with lymph nodes involved who is still doing fine.

Hi all

Its great to hear positive things I am just about to start my ‘Marathon’ having only just been diagnosed on Thursday last week. Still keep breaking down and all the usual stuff that goes with it. Having a mastectomy on the 2nd May and am dreading it but never looked forward to something so much, does that make sense??? Keep sending the positive stuff it will keep us all going.

Thanks again

Deb x

I can understand the looking forward to the operation bit Deb. I had WLE and node sampling so much less of an op than your’s is going to be. But … if it helps anyone my line of thinking was that between dx and op (which for me was only a week) I had cancer … after the op I stoping thinking that I had cancer and starting thinking that I had had cancer … I didn’t have it anymore cos the surgeon had taken the cancer out.

I had no nodes affected so missed out the chemo stage and went on to ‘just rads’.

Am still in rads so can’t offer any cancer free success story but I can say that since dx (mid jan) and now I have suffered very little - I took a total of 2 weeks off post-op (daytime TV was NOT for me and I was sick of making my own coffee) and I later took a week off to do intense physio to get me ready for my rads planning … the physio scenario was not standard but came about as I had op private and then transferred to NHS for follow-up and in the transition no-one had thought to refer me for physio.

I’ve also worked throughout my rads (I’m having 25 and 4 boosts) and have arranged my appointments for late afternoon so that I only need to take 2 hours off each day.

Apart from some minor irritations - like a very red and very hard boob thanks to rads, and the odd hot flush and annoying thrush thanks to tamoxifen - I have been disgustingly healthy since my dx.

I consider myself to be a success and long may it continue.

best wishes

Hi mandy

My friend was dx eight years ago - grade 3, node involvement ,oestrogen negative and HER+ and she didnt have herception because it wasn’t around then. She is fine and has had no further problems.

Hope this helps!

Alise x

Hi Alise

Thanks for that positive post, it does make a difference to the way I feel, I was grade 2, node involvemen and Her2+ and I would be very happy to still be around in 8 years.

Thanks you very much. It does make a difference.

Loads of hugs


Thanks for the positive comments about people you know who were grade 3. I had 20 lymphs removed as my central lymph node was positive but all others were clear, but my grade 3 result scared me rigid and still does. I had my post treatment mammogram and scan last week and both were clear so I am naturally delighted but I cannot get the grade 3 thing out of my head. The thought that this might come back and I might have to go through it all again still haunts me but I try to remain positive and reading about people who are a number of years on is helpful.