Please sign up, and sign new petition to get Govt to fund Cyberknife treatment for all and not just those in the right postcode

I have started a cause, on the link below, to ask the Government to fund Cyberknife treatment for all and not just those who live in the right postcode. Please will everyone sign up to the cause, and sign the new petition. I have started a new petition, because it is clear it is the Government that needs to sort this appalling situation out.
Would people also ask their family and friends to do the same. Thank you.

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well done lemongrove,sorry gotta go now,got a petition to sign…

Have signed and shared on facebook x

Excellent idea, will tell everyone I know to sign xx

what is cyberknife?

I have also signed and shared. Thank you .

Signed and shared and links posted on a few motoring forums!

signed and shared :slight_smile:

signed and shared

Signed and sent invites to friends and family to do the same x

signed and shared :slight_smile:

Keyfeatures. If you go to the link I provided it will explain what it is and why it’s so important for cancer patients. You could also go to which is a charity several of us have set up to raise awareness of Cyberknife, help hospitals raise funds to buy it, and provide info for those who cannot get funding for it.

signed and shared

me too, rattles x

Have signed and shared both on facebook and on twitter (asked my followers to sign and RT hopefully that will boost numbers). Lemongrove, in the real world I am a marketer, if I can help at all just PM me and I will see how far / how many signatories we can get for this

Just want to thank everybody who has signed. 104 people have signed in one day, which is amazing. If we all got our friends/family/colleagues to sign it could become a big petition. Please help.
Mary grace, I would be so grateful for your help/advice. Please pm me at anytime.

Excellent work Lemongrove. Signed and shared x

Signed and shared xx

Signed and passed on.