Pleased with skin sparing mastecomy results.

Had Op Wed 23rd home with one drain on the Thursday. Drain out today didn’t hurt. Dressings taken off so I could see results and surgeon could check healing. I am really pleased with results. My surgeon used implant with braxton mesh. Healing well and I am now the proud owner of a pert C cup right boob. Need to use a softie to even me out until I can have left one reduced following treatment. Not too much pain. Back for pathology results on the 7th. Lou x

Sorry for spelling mistakes Mastectomy. Using a mobile.

Wow, sounds good! X

Totally new to this, so excuse me if I mess up. Also just had same procedure with Braxon 7pm last night so still groggy. So pleased to see this as I’ve been really positive untill this morning; following last nights anaesthetic and feeling a bit sorry for myself. My implant seems a bit odd shaped so am a little concerned. Probably being a bit premature ?. First time I’ve really felt scared, I think its only just hit me. Sorry to be a wus today. Deb

Hi Deb. I understand Braxon is relatively new. Strangely I have a little more pain since they took drain out. I wonder if I was more cautious when it was in. I am managing with Ibuprofen and doing the exercises. When I had my lumpectomy 22nd Feb I was very sickly more the anaesthetic very tired. This time it was different. Do you know how long they are keeping you in. I was out the next day with one drain. Big hugs Lou x

Hi Lou, yes my onco/plastic surgeon needed another surgeon from out of the area to assist as its newish to him. I’m going home now. But the shape is weird, not what I expected. I know things will change over time. On day one, what exercises did you do ? I’ve had all my lymph’s out so am anxious to avoid lymphodema so want to do exercises.but as the implant is sewn in to the muscle wall I dont want to pull at it. I’m asking due to it being different implant from the ones the physios are used to xx

I can feel my implant and I would say it feels hard and the area is tender and a little uncomfortable. I was given a set of exercises to do. Shoulder shrugs and some gentle ones to get arm moving. I don’t have as much movement as I did following SNB and lumpectomy but obviously getting all nodes out and skin saving mastectomy is a bigger op. I got to see my boob in full when they changed dressing and removed drain. I was impressed. That said I have very large G cup saggy boobs so to see one that stood pert and was a nice size was a pleasant surprise. Back to waiting game re results. I didn’t get clear margins with my lumpectomy hence the 2nd Op. I am dreading the chemo bit it is a necessary evil. I have a grade 3 ER + invasive ductal cancer. Pathology after lumpectomy said area of DCIS in addition so I won’t get full results till they look at tissue and nodes following this surgery. I am 45 diagnosed 1st Feb turned 45 on the 21st 1st surgery 22nd Feb. Op 2 23rd March. X

Hi Deb glad you are feeling better just don’t over do things. Sounds like we have a similar cancer mine is HER2 in addition deep joy. Had 2 lazy days as my boob feels heavy. I wore a bra from day after Op got 3 mastectomy ones from Debenhams they are soft and I haven’t had any problems. It is more difficult with the drain in. I found my lump on the 13th Jan I was laid in bed my hand brushed against my boob and there it was a hard lump just above my right nipple. Like you I breastfeed my 3 children and thought that was a good thing. At 45 well 44 when diagnosed I wasn’t eligible for the mammogram. I wouldn’t have been called up for another 3 years. No family history I don’t smoke no HRT in fact I was fit and healthy only thing is I am a little overweight. I get my results 7th April x

Like you two Deb and Lou I also breastfed. My longest period of breastfeeding was 18months and I clearly remember the health visitor saying to me about the health benefits and reducing the risk of breastfeeding cancer. Also had a clear first routine mammogram on 10th April 2015 at just about 48 years old. Incidentally I had been to the doctors for the results of my blood tests taken because whatever I did I could not lose weight. However blood pressure always good around 100/55 and the results of all my tests showed I had a really impressive only 1.7% chance of suffering with any age/size related issues. It was at this appointment I told him I had found a lump two days before and he referred me. Hmmmmm

So perhaps no benefit to breastfeeding not that I regret doing it. Not one of us will have expected to get told you have breast cancer because it doesn’t happen to us. Lou x

My husband keeps reminding me that cancer has no respect for anyone and all we can do is live as healthily as possible. No ones fault and no one deserves it, we are not being punished it’s the roll of the dice. I suppose its normal to consider all these things, why us more than anyone else, maybe there is no answer. Just gotta run with it now girls and kick its ass x

Totally agree Deb x

I have assumed surgeon did node clearance from breast insision as I have no dressing on my SNB scar. I had breast dressing changed after 6 days when the drain came out. That should come off on the 7th when I get my results. X

Been in hospital since Friday. Had to go back to theatre as i stupidly pulled on one of the drains and caused internal bleeding. Very annoyed with myself putting the medics out and myself back. Not sure if the skin can still be saved at the moment due to the extent of bleed and the need to use pressure dressings. Was only moaning a few days ago about the imperfect shape initially. Funny how our priorities change day to day. Big hugs to you all xx

Oh no Deb sorry to hear that. Hope you get sorted. Big hugs Lou x

I had this surgery in sept 14, all lymph nodes removed from armpit - 26/27 affected. My implant sat a bit high from the beginning. Unfortunately my mum pulled my drain out but they didn’t replace it. Thus caused a build up of fluid which had to be syringed off almost daily for a couple of weeks.

When I started chemo the wound got infected and the implant had to be removed 3 months later. After chemo I had an expander implant put in (may last year) then radiotherapy.

I had the expander replaced with permanent implant 2 weeks ago. The result is much better this time. I too had swelling on the top of the breast so wearing compression tape to try to relieve it…

First time round I was very sore, had limited movement in my arm for several weeks and had to wear button up tops. I was given exercises which I did daily and returned to yoga after 3 weeks.

This time round I’ve been told no yoga for 6-8 weeks and not to raise my arm above shoulder level to allow the implant to settle. Also because I’ve had radiotherapy my skin is very thin so this is my only chance for implant to work. It does take up to 6 months for it to settle so you have to be patient.

I too breast fed, one for 9 months, second one for nearly 2 1/2 years. Also fit and healthy gym bunny. It is just the luck of the draw.

I have been very cautious about cuts and lifting and with my bad arm. But 18 months on I’ve developed lymphodema which I am more upset about than my original cancer diagnosis because there’s little you can do about it. Having said that, 4 weeks in and it’s not as bad as I thought, but we’ll see what the summer heat does to it.

All I can say is keep up the exercises but don’t overdo it. See your doctor at the first sign of infection - heat, swelling, redness, temperature etc.

I am so scared at the moment preoccupied with my boob. Because since finding the lump I think looking back I’ve been in denial, its shocked me how its just took over my every thought. I’m sitting in my hospital bed with every conceivable thought whizzing round. But just having this opportunity to vent and receive everyone’s support is immensely helpful. Riveridedawn, just goes to prove take each day, I thought once its healed it’d be sorted. But you’ve had a long journey. Big hug. How are you doing Lou ? Big hug to you too Xx

Hi Deb I am ok how are you doing?. How long do you think you will be in? X

I am ok less discomfort but now have a red area that I think is where the drain would have been. It isn’t sore or hot but a little tender so assuming it is possibly a build up of fluid . Am at hospital Thursday so will see what they say. Glad your home. When I first came home I felt that my implant was high up and that I could feel it at the top of my breast. I was conscious of a pulling sensation when I attempted to lay on my side. I don’t have that any more and can manage to lay on my side. I think it does take time to settle. X

Thanks Lou I’m lucky I’ve got you to ask xx can you lie on with side/ xx