Pleural effusion and Pleurodesis

Having completed Vinorelbine and had a CT scan last week , saw my oncologist today. The positives are that the scan hasn’t shown anything new but the pleural effusion is worse , which obviously I knew as I have been very breathless. The tumour markers are also up a bit but he doesn’t seem so concerned about that. He doesn’t want to do more chemo at the moment as I need time to recover but he is going to switchme on to Megace. He is also sending me to a Thorassic surgeon to drain the Pleural Effusion and do pleurodesis. Has anyone had this done.
Best Wishes Kathryn

Hello Katie

I know exactly what you are feeling like I had a pleural effusion last year and then a pleurodesis. In fact this was how my cancer was detected. I was originally treated for pneumonia. It is a bit painful having the fluid drained but the effect was almost immediate. It makes suck a difference to your breathing. I had this done last June and so far my breathing has been good. So don’t worry about having it done the benefits are well worth it

good luck caroline

Hi Caroline
Thanks for your comments, I have just had it done and the drain out yesterday. I have to say that after everything that I have been through it has been the most painful , but I am told that it is because the lung is being stretched. I still only have about half capacity in my left lung and the consultant doesn’t seem to think it will improve much. Did your lung re inflate totally? I had so much fluid that my lung was almost totally collapsed ! It’s good to hear that your breathing is good, what treatment are you currently on? My oncologist has put me on Megace
Best Wishes

Hello Katie
I wondered where you had disappeared to. I hope it wasn’t too painful. I had a lot of pain in my back where the hole was for quite a while afterwards I think it was because of the bruising. I had my lung drained 3 times before I had the pleurodesis. I also had fluid around my heart which was drained as well. I was in hospital for a week whilst this was being done.

I found it really painful when my lung re-inflated it actually made me shout out in pain.

I has halfway through my course of FEC when i was rushed in to hospital but continued with it when i came out. I was then put on Tamoxifen but that didn’t do anything for me. I am now on Arimidex with Zoladex injections which so far seems to be keeping the tumours at bay. I have them in my liver and my lymph glands as well. But I feel 90% better than I did a year ago.

I hope you feel better soon
love Caroline