Poem I thought I'd share :-) I wrote it when I was wide awake due to steroids last night!!

'Twas the Night of my Chemo

'Twas the night of my chemo, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
The mind it was buzzing with just one single care
I hope my hot flushes don’t burn off my short hair!

The family were nestled all snug in their beds
Whilst “what shall I do now?” danced round in my heads!
And hubby lay snoring, Liz - complete with eyemask
Had given me thoughts of a 2am task

When out of bed, my mind ‘buzzing off its rocker’
I looked at my desk and it looked rather chocker!
Away to the desk, I flew at it like a flash
Tore open the drawer, grabbing paper from my stash

The moon on the breast of the overgrown lawn
Gave me a feeling that created a very slight yawn
When what to my buzzing mind should just appear
But a tiny, stupid, yet creative idea

With a bit of paper and a biro filled with ink
I knew in a moment just what I had to think
More rapid than Blues strikers, my idea came
And I put on the kettle and thought up name

Now Barrie! Now Lizzie! Now Dad, Gaz and Sis
On Skiddy, on Holly, we can get through this
To Janet, Jo, FB, all at Hall Green School
Now dash away, the cancer away, cuz it won’t rule

As one life leaves, a new scary life ahead lies
When I sit at our bar and ask all the whys?
So I stood, positive I grew - yet the tears still fell
With the help of more Carling I think “what the hell!”

And then, from through the tears, I hear this from my man
The determined words “we will do all that we can”
As I drew up my head, all thoughts turned around
Down I am now - cancer, you won’t run me to ground

He ( well I ), was dressed in onesie and Christmas hat
And to be fair I looked a right bloody Pratt!
A bundle of hope though, I had flung onto my back
And I looked at my family: my Lizzie, my Mr Mac!

His eyes how they glistened - I knew with love and pride
Her eyes how they glistened - I knew she had cried
His and her mouths drew up as if to take a drink
And we all raised our glasses to our new future of ‘pink’

The lump of a life had been taken away
And the chemo we knew would start straight away
He threw back a swift whiskey to go with this beer
And fine dry white wine helped me and Liz with our fear

He was strong and supportive, he showed no fears
And I smiled when I saw him, despite my rolling tears
A hug from Lizzie and a call from my Sis
Soon let me know I could ‘Keep Right On’ through this

He-re tis 4:40am and I’m still buzzing off my tree
And no-one can see I’m happy as happy can be
Family, friends, FB, HGS - whilst you’re all tucked up tight
I send thanks to you all - you helped me win this fight

Steroided out!
4:46am 17th December 2014

TWO CHEMOS TO GO :slight_smile:

I love it. Good luck with the chemo. Heres to the rest of your life.