poking around in my brain again!

Hi girls, sorry Ive been out of touch, school holidays here in Oz too, but my kids go back tomorrow and I know that yours have just started? Anyway, just thought Id keep you up to date, the tumor I had the sterio tactic (like gamma knife) on before Christmas doesnt have seemed to have worked and Im going in next week to have it surgicaly removed, there was always a 20 per cent chance that it wouldnt work, but some how I just thought I wouldnt have been one of the 20 per cent. Not the news that you want to hear hey. I am very blessed not to have more new tumors in there, This is the smaller tumor I had right from the start which had probably spread before I was dx with ER BC over 3 years ago, and it is no where else in my body so I have SO much to be thankful for.

No doubt you will be hearing a bit more from me soon, when I start my dex and I am awake at really odd hours?

Take care girls and hang in there. Love Suzy

Sorry to hear you have to have surgery Suzy…it is good news you have no new tumours though…Good Luck hope all goes well and you’re home soon…Belinda…x

hi suzy
hope all goes well for u with your surgery
best wishes
maria in not to sunny scotland
take care