Poor prognosis but enjoying life 9 years on NED

Hi all.
I met a lady (Bev) who I worked with 10 years ago and we had lost touch. Anyway, the BC struck her 9 years ago. She had significant lumps in BOTH breasts and extensive lymph node involvement both sides! As you can imagine her prognosis wasn’t great. She had the full works double mx lymph node removal chemo rads tamox. She is NED working full time (age60) and enjoying her grandchildren. It was an absolute tonic to meet her today. She found the first 2-3 years difficult to cope with physically and emotionally but then found things gradually got easier. So for all of you feeling down about a poor prognosis, Bev is living proof that all the cr***y treatment is worth it. :slight_smile: x

What an inspiring story… thank you for sharing it. It must be great for you to catch up after all this time too.

Thanks for sharing this most uplifting story with us, long may her NED continue.
Love and light
Sarahlouise xx

Inspiring indeed - it goes to show also that stats are just that, stats and of the x percent who fit the figures there is another % who happily dont :slight_smile:

Really glad to hear your friend is doing well Janipi. Hope you’re doing well too x

Thanks for sharing, just the type of story I needed to read. It is worth fighting.

Thank you for sharing this story. It is so inspiring. I am so glad your friend is doing well.

Just the type of thing we need to hear. I know three similar ladies all fourteen plus years down the line. All large grade three with nodes and NED

Good cheer to Bev and all the other inspiring tales we read.
Thank you for sharing this.