Popping in to say hiya

Just want to say hi to my buddies who went through it at the same time as me. Also hiya to everyone else. I do come on the site about once a week and keep up to date. I had to stop coming on so much as I thought I was becoming to obsessive and needy. Well life goes on finished herceptin a month ago…I make myself think about bc so as not to get too complacent as I am one of those when it comes back not if… wish I wasn’t but that’s how it is. I am very busy working, grandmotherin’ scrapbooking like mad again… I still have to pinch myself after 21 months as I am still shocked, at diagnosis, does anyone else feel like that.? I do need this site and am so grateful for the advice and support that is ALWAYS here. When going through the treatment and many hours are spent alone in bed feeling dire I felt like the site was my lifeline. Well thanks for reading love to all Eileen

Hello Eileen. Good to hear from you. We went through chemo at the same time - I think on the same day each time. I started Herceptin before you though so finished it in May. I also found this site a lifeline especially during the dreadful Taxotere time. I still look at the site quite often and wouldn’t want to be without it.
It’s good to see that you’re keeping busy. I’m very busy too - a little bit of work, lots of hobbies and lots of time devoted to my elderly mum. I think it’s best to keep busy as that way there’s less time to be afraid - and - like everyone else I’m terrified of a reccurrence and/or secondaries. I understand what you mean about being shocked by the diagnosis - sometimes I still find it hard to believe and sometimes I wonder if I’m in denial even after all this time !
Take care
Love Anthi x

Hi ladies, I also finished Herceptin back in April and should have had my last oncology appointment back then as well. However, I was referred for menopause treatment and also counselling via my oncologist (who overruled my GP because he wouldn’t sanction it, telling me I just needed to get on with things).

My oncologist decided she didn’t want to cut me adrift just yeat because of all this other stuff, so I see her again next week but I think that will be the last one. Back in April she felt as it was 8 months before seeing the breast clinic again it was just too long.

I have felt so much better since I started the counselling process and am now regaining my confidence and am moving on to new things. I was thinking “what if it comes back” all the time and I wasn’t sleeping - I now sleep peacefully all night and think about what I will be doing when I get to my 5 years remission. Yoga and meditation has also helped with all this. I don’t feel the need to use these boards much now which is good as I was spending more time here than was good for me. I now figure if it does come back I will be able to deal with it however hard it may be.

Hi Eileen I was with you through chemo and havent been able to wean myself off the site yet-still look most days.I think its to do with being triple neg and needing to keep my eye on what is happening.Lovely to see your post-how are your eyebrows?Mine aren’t if you know what I mean:)Keep popping in eh.Love Valxxx