Port removal

I’ve had a port in place for chemo and herceptin, but now all the treatment is over and I’m having the port removed on Thursday. At the consultation on Friday the nurse said I might have it done with a local anaesthetic. I had it fitted with a general. Anyone had a port removed under local anaesthetic? Would like some reassurance.

Hi Amelia,
I had the same and it seems that the removal of the port is usually done only under local anaesthetic.
The whole thing took less than 15mins and I chatted with the surgeon while he took it out.
You’ll only feel some tugging and pressure on the neck when they pull that part of the port out.
Congrats on finishing your active treatment and wishing you speedy recovery x

Hi Amelia. I also had my port fitted and removed under local anaesthetic. The removal was very straightforward and painless - as Herewego said, just a mild feeling of pulling when it’s removed. I was a bit nervous too about the removal because it had been there for so long, but it was fine xx