Port removed today-yay!!!

Hi everyone
Feeling relieved today as I have had my port removed today.It had been in around 14 months whilst I had chemo and Herceptin and as I had my last Herceptin a week ago it was time for it to go.
Had it done under a local anaesthetic and it was surprisingly painless and quick.Am now at home enjoying toast and a cuppa and very relieved it’s over.
Just my prophylactic right mastectomy and reconstruction in November to look forward too after my holiday.

Congratulations Tracy! I had my last herceptin last week too. I had a Hickman line that I had removed last week, I am still stitched and covered in a dressing but having the stitches out this afternoon - yay! Then I will really feel like it is gone!

Hope you have a brilliant holiday, I am booking one this afternoon too! Don’t think about November too much yet, just enjoy the next couple of months and get as much rest and recovery as you can, then you will feel stronger for your surgery when it comes round. Best wishes xx

Hi Sallieannie
Hope the stitches came out OK this afternoon and that you booked your holiday.Where are you off to?
We are off to Orlando ten weeks today.This was the holiday we had to cancel last year as I was diagnosed 6 weeks before we were due to fly.Hardly dare hope it’ll happen this time:)
The anaesthetic wore off this afternoon and am a bit sore but they used surgical glue so no stitches.Hopefully tomorrow it’ll be less sore and I can immerse myself in the kids summer break.lol