I’ve had a portacath for six weeks now and it has been brilliant for my chemo. However, I have noticed a little black lump and an area which feels knobbly where the little cut is on my neck. If you follow the line up from the hub the lump is where the line disappears inside if that makes sense.
I wonder if you those of you with a portacath could suggest what this might be and if it’s anything to worry about?
K x

Not noticed anything like that with mine. Could it be a bit of a bruise? Or did you have a bit of bleeding around there when they put it in? I would ask your onc or the chemo nurse next time round. If you’re really worried about it give them a ring.

Thanks CM,

I phoned my chemo nurse and she says as long as it’s not red or inflamed then not to worry. It may be a stitch or a bit of old skin glue. They’ll have a look on Tuesday when I go in for pre FEC3 bloods.
I had visions in the night of the line kinking or something coming adrift & floating around where it shouldn’t be!

K x

I suddenly found a bump with mine and as it was the collarbone end of mine got rather anxious. They tunnelled under the collarbone when they put mine in and mine had popped out after being more buried behing bones. It was fine they just said it was the drugs, etc all going in that had made it move along. Hope this helps
Lily x