Hello everyone, my first time here! I’m starting chemo on Friday and I’m having a portacath put in on Thursday. Just wondered if anyone else has one of these and how you’ve found it. They’re putting it in as one arm is out of action (lymph nodes gone) and my veins aren’t great in the other arm. I guess I just feel that having it there will be a constant reminder of what I’m going through ?. Any replies will be greatly appreciated x

Hi Kelly. Sorry you are joining us, but welcome to the forum - a great place full of advice and support. I had a portacath for my chemo and Herceptin and I was so pleased I did. I had it for 14 months and it never gave me any trouble. You are right that it’s a visual reminder of what we’re going through, but I think the benefits far outweigh that (for me anyway, although I appreciate it’s a personal thing). Mine was fitted very close to the surface so it was quite prominent. The chemo nurses loved it though as they had no trouble locating it!

I had mine fitted and removed under local anaesthetic too, so it was quite straightforward. I would definitely recommend a portacath xx 

Hi Kelly,

I’ve got a portacath too. I started chemotherapy in July and, just like you, had tiny veins, so there was no option of just doing it normally. I initially had a PICC line, but it caused a blood clot, so that was removed and the portacath put in. Initially I was gutted as I hated the thought of it being there for me to see the whole time, however, I have to admit to now being so grateful for it. 

Like Tweasel, mine is very close to the surface and very prominent which makes it super easy for the nurses. They love it and it barely hurts at all getting the needle in. I’ve now got used to how it looks and I’m bald anyway, so one more tiny visual reminder doesn’t really make much difference : ))

I would recommend having one any day, especially if there’s a chance your veins might not hold out. It just takes one more worry away. Good luck with everything.

Pookie xx

Thank you - I had it fitted yesterday and first chemo today. Think I can already see the benefits of having one - no digging about in your veins and feeling the drugs travel up your arm x