Positive nodes

It’s taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to post this question in case of a scary lack of replies but here goes…
I’ve had mastectomy and SNB for grade 3 tumour followed by axillary node dissection which has shown that I have 21/23 positive nodes!
I started chemo yesterday.
Is there anybody out there who has done well with such a lot of lymph node involvement? Only happy stories please as I don’t think I could cope with anything else at the moment.
Many thanks.

Hi hope444

I dont post often now, but have a browse through the forums every now and then, i saw your post and wanted to offer you a bit of support, because i have been where you are and i was so scared to.

I am 4 years 8 months post diagnosis…grade 3 9/9 nodes positive.
I know at least 4 other people and no doubt there is many many more who are going strong with high node involvement.

Hope this has helped a little hun…

Julie xx

I had 9 out of 24 nodes postive, now one year on had chemo, rads on hormone theropy and feeling fine. There are many ladies on here with large node involvement who are doing well - I am sure they will come on and reassure you.

Hi hope444, I am in a similar position. Had mx last sept - grade 2 and 22/25 nodes positive. I had not seen many on this site with such high node involvement. I have completed 6 FEC and just started radiotherapy and Tamoxifen this past week. What treatment are you having?
Keep positive and pm me if you wish.

I had ANC with 16/20 positive nodes after being diagnosed last Sept.
I finish chemo next week - opted to have 2 extra sessions so will have 8 in all. Recent PET scan showed no activity and cancer cells left after surgery all gone so immediate future for me is now positive!

Dear Linros and Saffronseed,

Have posted you a message this evening which seems to have got lost somewhere in the ether!

Just to say thank you so much for your replies and words of comfort,
They are just what I needed to hear and hopefully I will sleep well tonight!
Wish I’d posted earlier…

Keep well,


Last May I was dx, and had 20/22 nodes involved. Had TAC chemo, and rads. Feeling really well, and enjoying life.

Take Care

Dotty2 xx

Hi there

Try not to get too hung up on the nodes etc.
I was diagnosed 2 years ago and had a large tumour and 9/17 lymph nodes involved. I’ve been doing well. I remember being really worried about this at the start of my treatment and someone saying the way she visualised it was the lymph nodes were there blocking the cancer from going further.

I hope all your treatment goes well, Elinda x

Dear Ladies,

Thank you for your lovely messages.
They have really helped me.
Good luck to you all and keep well.


Just wanted to add I’m almost 2 years post diagnosis. Large 6cm lobular tumour, neo adjuvant chemo- FEC x 4 with doses 3 wks apart then Taxol 12 x weekly. Mx early 2010 and lymph node removal. 16/18 affected. Then rads x 15 and now on tamoxifen. Have also had ovaries whipped out. I did feel very scared but I’m very well now. Feeling fit, doing a lot of exercise; cycling, gym etc. I’m 46.


I had 27/28 nodes :frowning: Was diagnosed last March and had clear bone scan and MRI so all ok at the moment.
Had 3 FEC 3 Tax and radiotherapy. Now on tamoxifen and starting to feel 'normal ’ again and enjoying life !!

Gill x

Hi Hope

Just like to add I had 8/18 positive nodes - diagnosed Jan 2008. 2 x wle, 4ec,4tax,3 weeks rads,tamoxifen and recently changed to Aromasin, was 50 when diagnosed and felt the bottom dropped out of my world when told about the nodes. However a new life becomes the norm,back at work etc etc and feeling well albeit more tired than pre diagnosis. Still worries me somtimes but I try not to dwell on it anymore, hopefully they were just doing their job.


My aunt had same lymph nodes as you and did 30 years without serious problems!!!Took lots of drugs in those thirty years mind you, but hey, bw Nicola

Nicola - I love hearing such good stories as your aunt’s. It’s very encouraging, thanks for posting. Elinda x

Hi There!!!
Just wanted to say, diagnosed with lobular cancer 12 months ago, large tumour-7cm and 13/23 nodes involved Yikes!!. Had mastectomy, chemo and rads. 12 months down the line, feel so good that I completed a half marathon at the week-end (I am 58!!!) . Like yourself, was too scared to even mention large amount of lymph node involvement, but heh, they must be doing their job and trapping those pesky cells. Please be positive,it’s so good to hear of others too, who are still well. Take care xxxxx

Dont come on that much on here but when i do and see posts like yours i can remember how very scared i was when i was dx as i had 19 positive nodes even my onc said bloody hell ! not knowing anything about bc at the time but could tell with his face this was not a good result ! that was back in 1996 and have had no major problems since so dont worry too much xx

Fantastic news! We need more positive stories… Thanks for posting as definitely encouraging when going through such a hard time and suffering from FEC 3 SEs. Take care Adi x

It’s really good to hear such positive stories - it helps so much.

Best Wishes to everyone.

Dotty2 xx

wonderful positive stories, just what we all want to hear, thankyou so much

Yes, it is so good to hear happy stories. I had 6/15 positive nodes and found peoples’ faces show an uncomfortable expression when I say how many were affected. It meant the full whammy of treatment, which I am very thankful for. My friend had 31/38 affected and we share our worries regularly as we really understand each other on this.

I am nearly 18 months since diagnosis now, and next week will be a year from the end of chemo.

Great to connect with you all