Positive sentinel node after biopsy

I would like to hear the experience of anyone who had sentinel node biopsy which found cancer in the nodes - what happened next? Etc Sarcath

Hi Sarcath

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Hi sarcath,
I’m 44 and was dx with ILC back in June. Had wle and snb in July. I had two sentinel nodes removed and unfortunately both had micrometastatic spread. The recommended treatment plan - which I’m undergoing at the moment - was to have chemotherapy first (6 x FEC), followed by surgery to remove remaining nodes (axillary dissection), followed by radiotherapy and then tamoxifen / aromasin treatment for 5 years (my bc is ER pos, PR pos, HER2 neg). This is all intended to prevent recurrence.


Hi Anneli
Thanks for your reply. It has done something to reassure me - my surgeon is not very good on explanation and I just found myself swept along by things and only thought of all the questions afterwards!! I felt - and feel - that in my case it would have been best to go for clearance in the first place, since the tumour was known to be quite large - otherwise similar diagnosis to yourself. I am currently on chemo ( 3 FEC + 3 Taxotere ) with radiotherapy to armpit and chest wall to follow - clearance is not planned. When I queried this I was told I could have it if I wanted but it would delay radiotherapy to chest wall. It has worried me to think there could well be 20 affected nodes smoldering away. I should mention that I was told by one oncologist that chemo would be less effective for me because I had chemo previously for an unrelated cancer. This also makes me feel I would have bee better off with all removed while I was in surgery.
Anyway your story has certainly helped me!