Positive thoughts!!

Hi ladies, I currently feel like I’m going slightly crazy waiting for my results. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about all this so wanted it write it down. I am married but I don’t want to worry my husband any more than he already is by going on about it!
So Im 45 and found a small hard lump in my outer L breast a couple of months ago. I’ve had a cyst before and just thought I’ll keep an eye on it ( I know the GP told me off already?) I finally went to see him and he was pretty convinced it felt cystic ( his words) but referred me to be seen within the 2 weeks. It took 2.5 weeks to finally get an appointment and I had to attend a private hospital to be seen in time due to lots of referrals. This was on the 11th July. I went just expecting them to say it’s fine, it’s another cyst …off you go! The mammogram was really uncomfortable but looked fine but when I had the ultrasound the guy looked concerned. He showed me my lump and said he wasn’t sure what it was and needed to do a biopsy. They took 3 samples with the clicky thingy and then after a very quick chat with the consultant off I went- he assured me it looks benign. I was in shock really and didn’t ask anything and wasn’t really offered any advice . He said he was going on holiday but would call with my results.
I was pretty sore afterwards and I’m sure they took biopsy’s from more than one place because I’ve got 2 sore swollen areas ( the lump and about an inch away) plus the entry site if that makes sense.
I’m trying to stay positive as the consultant said it looked benign but there’s a tiny part that just can’t help worry. I keep telling myself not to be stupid!
I phoned today because I still haven’t been given my results. I was told by the secretary they arrived on Friday ( and the consultant had indeed gone on his holidays!) but I won’t get them until the covering consultant looks at them tomorrow. I thought she might have given me some good news! She just said she would ask him to call me but he may be too busy in which case I’d have to wait for the letter. So here I am waiting. It’s felt like a lifetime . It seems like they like to keep us waiting…I’m still a bit sore btw- is that normal?
Thanks to anyone for reading ?

Hi and welcome to the forum ? We are here for you to let off steam to and totally understand what you are going through! 

Its really unacceptable for you to still be waiting on results, especially as you know they are back , I honestly think if they had any idea how stressful the waiting was they would find a way to speed things up! 

I had mine a week later which is often the norm and you should have been given an appointment to return for your results before you left the clinic regardless if they through they would be benign.


Its normal to be sore for a while after especially as you had several biopsies.

I hope you hear something soon if not never be afraid to keep calling and make a bit of a fuss, it’s very unfair to leave you this long and I would be beating the door down! 


Xx Jo 

Thanks Jo x it just felt good writing it all down and trying to organise my thoughts. I keep having moments of panic when I recal the look of concern on the guys face, then my mind automatically concludes it’s not good… then I have to remind myself that the chances are in my favour. The consultant said it looks benign… i know I’m not high risk!
All I want is to know ,as does everyone in this situation , what is going on and I don’t think it’s been handled very well. It’s so frustrating that my well-being has to wait because a consultant has buggered off on his jollies. Hopefully this will all be over by the weekend?

Well the consultant didn’t phone… I burst into tears at work tonight after a service user tried to hit me and got me on my sore boob ( I’m a support Worker) - I felt like a complete idiot not being able to keep it together at work and I’m so frustrated. I’m going to phone again tomorrow and try to calmly explain that this is just unfair. It could take a week for a letter to arrive and I’m emotionally exhausted. Sorry to moan but this is really hard ( and I feel guilty because I know so many are going through so much!) The positive thoughts are getting hard to find atm ?

Thanks again Jo x I have just phoned the clinic and got my results. It’s good news and the lump is benign! Obviously I am very very relieved and I’m grateful for this forum for helping keep me sane over the past couple of days.
I think my husband and I may go out for a little celebratory drink tonight even though it is a school night!

Last Tuesday I was told by the private clinic I had the all clear…benign changes and no need for any follow up and to simply visit my gp if I notice new symptoms. Today I finally received that in writing , I’m so glad I phoned them or I’d have been waiting 20 long days for the results!
But I’ve received a letter form the hospital I should have gone to stating -after discussing my results at an MDT ( the day after the first letter was sent) I need to go back 22nd August and May need a repeat ultrasound biopsy which will be explained at my visit ? surely they can’t have got it wrong!

I’ve tried phoning the breast secretary and left a message, as it’s going straight to answer machine , and I’m hoping I can speak to someone soon .

So I’ve just spoken to a very helpful lady who had explained the situation. Basically the MDT aren’t convinced they carried out the biopsy correctly and sampled the lesion ( they may have missed it!!!???) so I will be having another biopsy taken to make sure it’s ok. So I’m back to square one and my husband can’t come with me to the appointment ?

Sorry it’s me again…the breast care nurse has phoned me to fill me in a bit more as she was at the MDT meeting last week. Firstly she has reassured me that I don’t need to worry, but they are having another meeting on Friday to look again at my case. The pathologist has managed to get slides of my biopsy samples and they need to discuss if they need to do another biopsy. The initial decision to call me back was based on a written report which suggested they had only sampled normal breast tissue ( possibly meaning they’d missed the actual lump) She said that she’s going to phone me Friday afternoon and let me know but there’s a chance I may not need to go back. Emotional roller coaster or what???

I completely understand how upset and disappointed you must feel to have to go through this all again when you thought it was all over but on the flip side if they have reason to believe they have missed something then it’s absolutely right to re test. 

You can’t mess about when there is the possibility of a miss diagnosis and if it is breast cancer then it won’t go away if it’s not treated. 


Sometimes the biopsy results just don’t add up to what the imaging is saying and they will have all agreed at the MDT meeting that they are not happy to just accept it and sign you off, we have to be thankful that they are so thorough even though I know this is the last thing you want to be happening.


Of course all could still be just fine but there is only one way to find out For certain Xx Jo 

I do feel much happier after speaking to the nurse and I’d rather they make absolutely certain than miss something. I’m sure it’s all going to be fine and Friday I get a call saying I don’t need to go back? thanks again x

It does make sense that there is some confusion between the two hospitals and good that they called back to explain fully rather than leave you stressing until Friday. Fingers crossed you get the all clear phone call again Xx Jo 

Firstly I want to say thanks again to this forum . I am delighted to say I’ve been given the all clear again and finally know what my lump is. It’s benign fibroadenomatiod change and I am reassured that it’s been triple checked and that I m ok . It’s been a pretty scary time and I am extremely glad it’s finally all over x good luck to everyone here in the waiting room and sending positive thoughts!! Xx