Possible bone spread

Hi everyone, this is my first post, I am more of a lurker I suppose but have used this forum as a source of info, I think it’s great.
I was diagnosed on 1st Dec 2016, had lumpectomy and node removal on 21st Dec, results showed I had a grade 3 (25mm) tumour and 1/13 positive node.
Last couple of weeks I have started experiencing random pains in my hips and left thigh, I am driving myself nuts thinking that it has spread. I wish I could relax but the waiting around is driving me mad. I would just rather know so I can get on with it. I haven’t had my chemo start date yet, I have a heart scan on 7/2 and I’m booked in for a full body scan on 28/2, I’ll probably be completely insane by then lol!!! I googled the price of a private scan but its just not affordable.
These pains are very random and seem to have come out of nowhere, does anyone know if it could spread this quickly? Oh and I’ve been looking for the ‘bone met’ thread but can’t find it, if anyone can help?
Thanks in advance for any replies :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah,28th Feb sounds a long way off if you are feeling so anxious, could you speak to your BC nurse about your worries and see if they can bring it forward /take a cancellation.I think just about all of us have had the same anxieties re spread when first diagnosed and suddenly you become very much aware of aches and pains that previously you probably wouldn’t have thought twice about .Im sure I read that it is pretty uncommon to be diagnosed with secondaries at the same time as primary breast cancer (I think it was in the ask the nurses section.)The bone mets thread is in the living with secondary cancer section of the forum.Hope you get some reassurance soon.Jill

Hi sarahlids , think the waiting makes you worse i was diagnosed last week , chemo first due to lump being 4.4 cm and lymph involvement .had bone scan and ct on thursday .had ct results but get bone results today .absolutely terrified as ive developed all sort of shoulder, back ache over the weekend . Turning into a Hypercondriac already and i dont usually worry about such things …hope you get some answers maria x

Hi Sarah,


As Jill has already said, it’s pretty normal to feel aches and pains and think the worst. Every twinge sent me into panic mode when I was first diagnosed. Pains also seem much more heightened at this point, so I hope they bring your scan forward if poss ( get onto your BCN and see if she can help) and that when it’s done it allays your fears. Take care X 

Thank you ladies, your replies are much appreciated. I will definitely contact my BCN to see if she can help bring the scan forward. I definitely feel better, I think I was panicking this morning. Maria I hope your scan results were ok ? Thank you Jill I will check out the bone mets thread now x

Hi sarah .bone scan wàs fine phew !! Though ct showed a small spot on one of my ovarys so undignified probe test coming .its like please god give me a break , consultant said he is optimisic it could be just fibroid.another downer is results came back triple neg , apaz it has positive responce to treatment but no back up after treatment .so kinda good and bad news day xx

Hi Sarah/everyone

I am new to this, but finding reading helps me to relate to you all.  I was also diagnosed on 1st Dec. I had lumpectomy and 3 lymph nodes removed, 2 of them were positive with  so I am having Ct scan and second op to remove nodes on 14th February. The waiting is very hard, it just seems like I have taken one forward and two back at the moment.  I do feel all you ladies are very strong people.  I am very worried about what is next now, I was so surprised that I had lymph node involvement. Is there anyone else who has lymph node involvement and is waiting???  I would love to hear from you.  Ladies like I said you are all strong carry on and the best of luck to you all.


Hi meash i have lymph node involvement .4.4 cm lump in breast and 3 cm lump under arm .All i beleive could of been avoided 10 months ago had i been sent for scans then .im having chemo first but in honesty my hospital have been amazing everything has been moving so quickly .though waiting for results felt like it was taking forever when in honesty it didnt was just a long week .since my original refferal on 5th jan i have been to the hospital every week for one thing or another .when i read some of the posts on here regrding time waiting im glad im in the hands of my hospital , though the worry that it will spread whilst waiting sits heavily on my mind . I hope it all goes well for you maria x