Possible extra funds for BCC ?

I was directed to a link by a friend who works for the local hospice to vote for Hospices to gain funding, i noticed BREAST CANCER CARE was one of several options (all of which seemed very worthwhile),

The link was

Just thought a few votes may help.

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I voted! Good idea xx

very easy to do. Just click the link lands has given and at the bottom of page is a little button to click.

Thanks all. We appreciate your support. If we’re successful, it would be a big partnership for Breast Cancer Care - great for fundraising and awareness.

I voted because this web site was a great support to me this time last year. xx

I’ve voted too. Thanks Les for drawing our attention to this.

I’ve voted for this wonderful charity too

I,ve voted, spent many an hour gaining invaluable support and info, and some smiles during very gloomy days.


Done x

Done XX

Done and I keep retweeting the link too.

SJ xx


Thanks for the link. I’ve voted too.

Thanks for the link
Julie x

Have voted too
Linda x


Thank you so much for all your support. Unfortunately we heard today that we didn’t win the vote. We had thousands of votes, but it wasn’t quite enough to go through.

The winner hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m sure it will be another very worthwhile cause.

Thanks again