Possible liver mets....

Hi all,
just recovering from a pulmonary embolism over Christmas and New Year, two and a half months on nightly enteral feeding, then major surgery 3 weeks ago for an ileal/caecal resection of my small and large intestines. Been home 2 weeks, but with severe diarrhea, weight loss again, and now some new blood problems.

Two weeks ago I had weekly blood tests for the lung clot, as I am on warfarin, levels all over the place - GP useless. My IBD nurse rang to say my albumin level was dangerously low - duh? all I knew about albumin was it was the white of egg. Never heard of this in the 40 yrs I have Crohn’s, and 6 yrs of breast cancer - naturally googled it, and it could be a liver, kidney or Crohn’s problem, but as this has never surfaced before I am concerned that it may be my liver and mets from the breast cancer. I am not metabolising protein apparently, although living on a high protein diet, mainly fish, eggs and cheese.

My IBD nurse said last week I needed full CBC blood tests, liver function tests in addition to the INR/warfarin. Unfortunately, the phlebotomist that came to our apt neglected to do anything other than the warfarin tests.
My IBD nurse told me to ring my GP and get urgent LFT, C-reactive protein and U & E (?) tests/ The receptionist rang me to say the
GP needed some input from the hospital gastro/surgeon or IBD nurse. I have called her and hope she has done this. I feel as if I live in a void, where I have to be pro-active.

Can anyone recognise my symptoms and whether they are a sympton of liver mets?
Any advice gratefully received.


Hi Liz.
Am keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a crohn’s problem.It sounds like it to me.Good luck- you have been through the mill recently.
Josie x

Hi Joseymarie,
many thanks for your response. I have an appt tomorrow morning for extensive blood tests, results Friday, so am hoping they can sort these blood problems out. I see the surgeon 27th April, gastro physician May 6th and then hope to not have to attend hospital for 10 yrs! I saw in the Daily Mail yesterday that stem cells are being used to put Crohn’s into remission, in trials by the University of Nottingham with good results - this has always been my fervent hope, but didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime. Hope does indeed now spring eternal.
take care,

Hi Liz,
We never know whats around the corner with medical technology…and a cure for Crohns - who knows?I have a dear friend who has it,also her mother.All this breast cancer stress can’t have helped you! I’ll be thinking of you Friday so please let us know how things go. Josie x

One step forward, two steps back today - my GP rang me tonight to say my INR is dangerously high at 8.9 and I need blood tests tomorrow, and stop the warfarin tonight only had them this morning so the hospital must have rung her. Have to them again Tuesday after the Easter holiday. Jeez, does this never end? Just need to know what is causing the problems.

How did it go today Liz? Are you any the wiser?..Thinking of you.
Josie x

Hi Josey,

we don’t know why my INR is so high, but my GP said she suspects the warfarin is thinning my blood too much and this is what is causing the bleeding from my small intestine. She rang me again last night and the INR has come down to 6.9 - the norm is 2.0 - 3.0, so I am taking Vitamin K for 2 days. Next blood tests Tuesday, because of the Easter holidays. The phlebotomist who came to the apt earlier this week neglected to do liver function tests, so I had them yesterday with the GP’s nurse.

I don’t think I will get much further with my GP, but the appt with my gastro physician on May 6th may be productive, as he can “think outside the box”. He may do an MRI as when in hospital he said I have had enough radiation and invasive testing. This may throw some light on the liver and kidneys.

Thank you caring.

Hi Liz,
Hopefully the scans and blood tests will show that your liver and kidneys are functioning normally and from now on each day will be better than the last one…Then you can gather your strength and start conscentrating on getting yourself better!

Hope you have a nice relaxing Easter (I’m trying for one!!)
Josie x