Possible to get results early

I found out some info that some of you waiting for results may find helpful.
When I had my core biopsy I had to wait a week for the next appointment for my results. My GP said he had received the results a few days earlier and tried to call me but I hadn’t updated my phone number so he couldn’t get in touch.
I had my lump removed last Thursday and I don’t get the results for 2 weeks (Which I think is possibly so the surgeon can see how well my breast has healed) He had said after the op to prepare myself as the lump wasn’t what they had thought.
I called my doc this morning and asked if he can call me as soon as he gets the results which he said he would. I assume all surgery’s are computerised now, as that is how he receives the information.
Even if it takes a few days off the wait It’s worth it.
Chrissie xxx

Hope you manage to get your results a bit earlier than expected then Chrissie - my surgery is electroniclly linked to the hospitals in this area and they were able to get the results of my bone scan a day and a half after it had been done … PC links mean no need for the report to have to be typed up and posted out.

fingers crossed for a benign result ho

Hi Lilacblushes
Brilliant. Wasn’t sure if I should start this thread in case not everyone could do it this way.
How long would you have had to wait otherwise?

Bet the surgeries phones will be hot now.

I’m not sure how long it would normally take for a bone scan result - never had one prior to PC link up.

Are you on the mend physically tho? Is the lodger as good as he was at the start? Good luck and hope everything works out for you.

Yep, my boob is healing really well, just a bit bruised.
The first lodger left last week, not knowing this country he applied for a job in Aberdeen, couldn’t get much further away as I live in Portsmouth. I have to say I was glad he left as he was forever on the phone calling Scotland and he was a born again christian, nothing against them but he couldn’t string a sentence without adding a quote from the bible. I thought I might just end up breaking one of the ten commandments by killing him. ha ha My girls all attend a catholic school so the last thing they wanted was to come home to bible study.
Had a woman come yesterday, completely devoid of personality or wit. She would drive me nuts, so I’m searching again.

Wow thats so lucky. My gp didn’t get my results till a week after and that was by letter from the consultants secretary which they scanned on to the pc. It is a small one doctor practise so maybe that is why. I know them all quite well down there and I was told I had to drop in after my appointment to let them know how I had got on. Same with my Core and FNA, they got a letter which they scanned on to the pc from the consultant, and then printed out for me after I had been to the appointment. You are so lucky that you can get them early, my hospital were lovely in that they told me to phone a few days before to make sure they were back, but unfortunately they were only typed up in and put on the pc for consultant to read the day of my appointment which was pretty frustrating as you just want to know asap! Maybe I should be thinking of changing my doctor if there so behind the times as it was the most frustrating two weeks of my life!

Hi Chrissie,
When I had my biopsy (and feared the worst because of the way they spoke to me after the US) the BCN made me an appointment for one week later to get my results but also offered to ring them through as soon as they knew. I would usually want to know asap, but in this instance I would have been at work and so declined - preferring to find out in person. The results were given to me by my surgeon with my husband and a BCN there the whole time and I was able to ask lots of questions immediately and I was happier that way. So, I think it may be possible for others to find out before the actual results appointment - but I suspect the policy may be different from hospital to hospital.

Good luck in getting a new lodger - if my son doesn’t have a better look on his face when he comes in from work tonight you may be getting him … I think he has PMT!

Hi Loobytuesday
I’m not know for my patience and the waiting is torture, I just have to know NOW!

Lilacblushes… No thanks, just got rid of one miserable git. Ha! Ha!

He’s young and strong - quite capable of mowing the lawn and can change wheels on cars?

Only interested if he can do it with a smile.

I’m gonna keep him for a bit longer Chrissie ----- he phoned from work yesterday evenbing and apologised for being a grumpy little sh*t and for winding me up the night before.

He does come in handy for putting the bin out and also pays a realistic amount of board money :slight_smile:

Hi - do the younger generation still know about board money ???

When do you think you will get your results Chrissie?

I was hoping for 2 weeks of peace before going back to work but NO !! youngest home from holiday and doesn’t want to go back to flat because not getting on with flat mate !! So came back yesterday and also today and then won’t be in uni til Monday next week. Great. I feel robbed of “my” time. xxxx

Lilac - it’s good that he realised he’d been a little sh*t


Hi Brenda
Have a look on face book, your namesake is now on there. Also added a photo of Nob so you can see him.
Changed my dressing again today and my scar has gone all yuck, oozing yellow pus! Nice! Bloody hope my nipple doesn’t fall off! Have to go to see my GPs nurse this afternoon. I do hope I don’t need antibiotics, last thing I need is thrush.
Asked them if my results were in and NO! AAaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh.
Shame your peace is shattered, try charging like Lilac she might just move out. ha ha
How old is your lad Lilac? Think flowers, choccys and a nice bottle of wine wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Hi Girls
Miss Impatient just called the hospital, my appointment is on the 31st, also asked if they had results back and NO!
Bugger, Bugger, Bugger! The secretary told me to call back at the end of the week but they will only tell me if the results are back and nothing else. They then put my request in the consultants tray and he decides if I should be told over the phone. Thing is, if he says no then I’m sure it will mean bad news and I’ll just sit around wondering if I’m dying. Don’t think I’ll call them! Sooooo It’s back to badgering my GP I think???
Loobytuesday- Starting to think your way is probably the best way. Oh bloody hell this is a living nightmare!
Going to walk the dogs now try to clear my muddled brain.
Had hardly any sleep last night and we all have dentist this afternoon and the kids all have stuff going on tonight so I won’t be home till 10. Think I’ve caught a cold and now I have a manky boob. Feeling like Poo!
Chrissie xxxx

Ah Chrissie. If you can I would wait until you see the consultant. As you say, if they won’t give you the results over the phone your mind will go into overdrive because it is only natural. How about ringing the breast care nurse?

Keep busy and speak later. Weather awful up north !!! then again that’s nowt new !!!

Liz xxx

Hi Liz
Where do I find a breast care nurse?
Really think some Docs should learn to keep their gobs shut. Especially a breast consultant who must deal with women pooping themselves everyday. What do think undefined and having to take more surrounding tissue means in relation to my lump?
Just walked the dogs, hate to rub it in but it’s really hot and sunny down here. My twins came for the walk with me and while I was throwing the ball for the dogs to swim they lay on the bank sunbathing.
Chrissie xx

If you ring up your GP they will organise for you to see her OR you could ring the hospital and ask to be put through. She may not see you without a referral from your consultant or GP. In that case ring the consultant’s secretary and ask for some advice. I think you should have been given access to her straightaway. Mine got in touch with me before I went into hospital.

I think it is dreadful the way he left you - wondering what on earth was going on. There was obviously something there and maybe he means he doesn’t think he has a proper defined margin of whatever it is. He would have to get everything out. Don’t know what you are like but even if he hadn’t said anything to me my mind would be going round and round.

It’s getting a bit brighter here now but not sunny. I can’t get motivated today. Got appointment with GP this afternoon for my return to work certificate and I have a painful foot so will ask him to look at that. Don’t suppose he can give me anything for a hurting boob !!!

Liz xxx

What does defined margin mean?

What have you done to your foot?

Chrissie xxx

Just to make sure he has enough tissue without any fibroadenoma or whatever it turns out to be being left behind.

I ain’t got a clue what I have done to my foot. Been hobbling for a few weeks and my mind into overdrive wondering what it is. It started in my heel bone then it swelled up and it still hurts. I thought it was a pair of shoes I had but have been very careful what I have been wearing. Not sure what he will say or do. Also have a very tender rib so don’t know whether to say anything.Don’t want to him to think I’m paranoid !! xxx