Post-biopsy anxiety...




I’m 28 years old, no family history of breast cancer. About about a month ago, I noticed that my right breast was looking a bit lumpy (even though I couldn’t feel an obvious lump) and that it had a slightly flat contour on one side, although I wasn’t sure if this was just the way its always looked. My GP examined me and said I was very “glandular” (which is apparently normal in young women) but wasn’t too concerned. She said she’d refer me to a breast clinic to put my mind at ease.


I went to the breast clinic three days ago. Again, the doctor wasn’t concerned but sent me off for an ultrasound anyway. The practioner said she could see some cysts which were “normal” and carried out a biospy. I wasn’t too worried up until this point but I found the biopsy quite stressful as I wasn’t expecting it/hadn’t been warned about it. So I started to panic.


Half an hour later, I saw the doctor again. She said it could be fibroadenoma but that one of the cysts had a “hard, gritty edge” which needed to be tested. She couldn’t reassure me that it wasn’t cancer. Cue me bursting into tears. She said the results would take a week, and asked me “how would you like the news?”. I said she could phone me and she replied with “is there anywhere private you can talk at work? In case you get yourself in an embarrassing situation?”. This sent all alarm bells ringing in my head. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it but it felt like she already knew my diagnosis and that she was preparing me for the worst.


I’m so scared and anxious. I’m eating and sleeping OK but it’s all I can think about. Anyone else going through the same thing, or can offer any advice/tips to help curb the anxiety? I get my results on Tuesday and the days are dragging.


Sorry for the long, rambly message! x



Hello and welcome to this lovely forum where you will get loads of help and support.


What you are feeling is perfectly normal, it is just a shame that you were not told what the biopsy entailed as that has only added to your anxiety.


I think you will see from the ladies on here who have gone before you at your age it has turned out to be cysts or some other benign breast condition.  To put another slant on it, the doctor was probably asking if you could go somewhere private because our emotions when we are told good news as well can overwhlem us and make us cry, I would imagine she did not want you to be in an open office and have to explain waht the call was about, so I would not necessarily read anything into that, but it is easie said than done :slight_smile:


They can not be certain of the diagnosis until the results of the biopsies are known because everyone is different, but it is really good that she is being thorough and investigating so that she can discount cancer, there are many other benign breast conditions that this could be.


Please try not to google generally, which is something we say to all the lovelly ladies who come on here waiting for their results, as you will only get out of date misinformation which will only add to your anxiety levels.


Try to keep yourself busy to distract yourself as much as possible.


let us know how you get on, we are here when you need us so just come on and post, never think that you are rambling, you are worried and want re-assurance/support to get you through, which is what you will get on there .


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx