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Not sure if I’m in the right section here…its about “dog ears”. Never heard of them ? Neither had I until I read the Amoena Life publication, Issue 24. I had a right mastectomy in December and have never been able to look at the surgeons handywork until 3 weeks ago in a bra shop. Actually I had no choice, mirrors on all 4 walls. Lo and behold, there was an underarm dog ear - “so thats why I have been unable to put my arm close to my side”. How awful it is, bulging out of snug T Shirts. I have read about corrective surgery for this. I could cope with surgery for this - but leave my non -boob alone! Has anyone had experience of this- yet another cruel blow, or, corrective surgery ?

Dear Ann

Sorry you have to join us, but I know you will find great support and comfort from these forums.

I too have “Dog ears” both ends actually - I had a right mastecomy at the beginning of May. I was told by my breast care nurse that they could easily be put right, but it is too soon for me to even think about more surgery.

I hope someone else on here will help you with the corrective surgery bit, but just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

I hope you can soon feel more comfortable with “the new you” and please post again if you need more help.

lots of love

Hi Ann

I haven’t had dog ears on a mastectomy but I did had them on the tummy part of my DIEP reconstruction. I would assume they do the same things for the tummy as they do for the breast area. On my tummy they numbed it by local anesthetic and extended the scar around a bit and now it lays completely flat - only took about 10 mins - so I would ask the breast care nurse about it.