Post DIEP advice

Hi Ladies
I’ve had a great delayed diep reconstruction on 26th March and after a small blip (back to hospital for 3 days ?) am recovering well.
I just wanted to pick people brain about what they used on their scars. Previously I’ve used Bio Oil but have also been recommended Nivea.
Any thoughts or experience appreciated
? xx

Dear Alison, I used Aveeno lotion and also pure jojoba oil. These are things I would ordinarily use on dry skin - I am sure the Aveeno is unperfumed.  I think the main thing is just to find something you like using that doesn’t irritate the skin. Other ladies have recommended Bio oil as well - I have tried it but its not for me.  Best wishes for your recovery.  girly

Hi Alison,


i am almost 6 months post my DIEP.  I have variously used E45, rose hip oil, Boots scar cream and Bio-oil in that order with the most frequently used listed first.  The Boots stuff comes in a small pump dispenser and contains silicone which is supposed to be very good for scars.  I haven’t got on too well with Bio-oil either since it clogs up my skin.  It is useful though for doing abdominal massage if you are a bit swollen still.  I did upward sweeping strokes as it seemed to help with the swelling and improved the lymphatic drainage.  As I understand that scars can take up to a year to ‘mature’ I still religiously apply whatever lotion or potion twice, sometimes three times a day.  My abdominal scar is now lovely and flat despite starting out with a ruckle at one end.  It’s also beginning to fade nicely as is the one on my breast.


I hope your recovery continues to go well.


Ezzie. X

Thank you ladies for the advice. Looks like I’ve got rid of the infection so onwards and upwards!!
? xx