post LD reconstruction

Hi Ladies

I’m 6 weeks post LD reconstruction without implant, and wondered how long others wore a bra 24/7.
I really cannot remember how long my surgeon told me to wear it for I know it was certainly 6 weeks post opl but not sure if it should be longer, before I make a call to him, I was wondering if anybody could let me know what they did.


I’m nearly ten weeks post diep recon and I stopped wearing bra 24/7 at eight weeks. I should have seen PS around that time but couldn’t get an appointment until tomorrow and I just decided that at eight weeks enough was enough. I will see her tomorrow and see if I get a slapped wrist :wink:

Thanks for that schmooley, good luck with your appointment today. Are you feeling ok after surgery?


My surgeon told me not to wear a bra at all to start with - I have an expandable implant and the port is under where the bra band is so could be damaged. I only wear one at the moment if I am going out so want to wear my prothesis (had bilateral mastectomy & one recon so far). Frankly my reconstruction is pretty much self supporting for walking around even at the moment when I am at max expansion!

Don’t suppose that helps much, except to say that advice varies!