Post lumpectomy pain after a week

I had a lumpectomy to remove a 3cm lump and a margin of surrounding tissue last Wed 4th May. I was given codeine and took them until Saturday due to toilet troubles. I felt great on Sunday and Monday but yesterday and today, I’ve been in a lot of pain. I’ve resorted to codeine again tonight and wondered if anyone has any idea why my pain is increasing rather than getting better? I’ve been wearing seamless sports bra type from asda (very comfortable) and can’t even think about wearing anything wired yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kay xx

Hi Kay. I’m sorry you’ve started getting pain again. Is it in the same place as before? And do you have a temp or any redness/swelling?
I started getting pain a few weeks after my op that was quite severe (therapeutic mammoplasty) and the surgeon said it was all my nerves etc rebuilding pathways. But wasn’t severe enough to need painkillers.
Have you still got the dressing on? I can only advise you ring your BCN. Hope you get sorted xx

Hi Bottyboo
I do have quite a lot of swelling and feels as though the lump is still there if not twice the size. Initially my breast just ached and pained a little but recently it feels like pressure in it and more pain around my nipple. The surgeon did make the incision in a semi circle around my nipple (lump was in my left upper quadrant so there wouldn’t be a visible scar so I understand the pain in that area. No redness as such but red and purple veiny type bruising which looks pretty gruesome but expected bruising. I had 2 core biopsies prior to removal and was very bruised from both so I guess I’m a bruiser ? I thoroughly expected to go back to work last Tuesday so going to docs this morning for a sick note and check up so will ask then. I still have dressing on but have changed it twice after showering. No weeping from the site or anything sign of infection. I have a high pain barrier generally so have been concerned about how sore I am. Thanks for your reply will get it check out xx