post mastectomy and Axillary node clearance

Well it’s now my 4th Day post op now , I had right sided mastectomy and axillary node clearance on tuesday night , was told I would be home the next day but had a fainting episode when they got me up to the loo on the wednesday morning so I stayed in till Thursday . I have been discharged with 2 drains in place on my wound one at either end the district nurse today was asking me if I should have the drains vacced or not !  I dont know noone gave me any instruction  drain 1 in the axilla has only drained 20mls over night  and drain 2 in the centre of chest has drained 100 mls over night .

I am wearing a front fastening bra with a small softee in , look v lob sided as I am normally a 40 C and the softee looks like a 36 B or smaller to me but its all they had

Apart from that I am feeling ok I have colour in my cheeks and am moving better doing my physio regularly I feel the dressing is pulling more than anything else … again the district nurse was unsure as to whether the dressing should be on or off at this stage

I have a wonderful fella looking after me at present unfortunately he has to go back to work on monday so I will be in on my own most of the day while he is at work and my daughter is at school ( she is 15)

any tips on getting a better softee ? wound drains and dressings gratefully recieved , and yes I have tried to contact breast care nurses on friday but they didnt return my call and are not around at the weekend


I think that you should ring the hospital ward that you were on and ask them for some guidance. It would be even better if your district nurse was to do it. Unlike the BCNurses the ward staff will be there and will have to answer the phone. It is disgraceful that you have been discharged with so little guidance…you have enough to contend with having had recent surgery. It is also bad that they were unable to provide a suitable softee. If the District Nurse was unsure about the dressings being on or off she should have rung the ward…mine were not removed until 2 weeks later when i went for my follow up appt. They have given you a date for that haven’t they? I would be contacting PALS about the hospitals discharge procedures…

Glad to hear that you are feeling okay though…keep it up, hope everything goes okay next week…