POST MENO STUFF...................

I had an appointment at the post menopausal bleed clinic the other day, this is the second time in 2 years. I’ve been post menopausal since I had chemo. Back in May I had a bleed that lasted 10 days, accompanied by period cramp, migraine, water retention, so I thought I had better report it again. The clinic works on 2 week and 6 week referrals and the Consultant Gynaecologist said 6 weeks would be fine, they didn’t think it was urgent.

When I had the appointment on Weds, they said they want me to admit myself next Weds afternoon for a hysteroscopy under general anaesthetic. What concerns me is I had laser treatment for a precancerous change to my cervix back in 1988 and they told me on Weds this and BC put me into a risk group, even though the BC was hormone negative. However, they also told me there could be a very simple explanation for all this as everything looked healthy at the internal and also on the ultrasound.

I’m trying not to get to het up about things, but my neighbour is in remission from ovarian / womb cancer and what she went through last year was worse than I had with BC. I also had to go to a funeral of a guy who died from a terminal brain tumour this week, so cancer has constantly been in the back of my mind for a few days.

The whole of this year for me has been about getting to the end of remission from BC successfully, but now I am a bit concerned about this gynae situation I’m in. On the plus side I feel really fit and well at the moment so I’m keeping my fingers crossed this is not serious.

Hi cherub I too hope all will be well for you & perhaps these measures are more of a precausion than anything else. Ive not had chemo but now going through menopause since before my surgery (naturally) . I too had a full gyne check up in march following a full internal scan & exam … all looked fine although im due (october) for a smear & I know due to the BC im going to be on hot bricks again im hoping to get my smear done soon rather get it out the way, but recovering from Rads.

wishing you all the best

Oh Cherub, sorry you have this to deal with on top of all the cr*p you’ve been through. Sorry not able to offer advice or share experience, just wanted to wish you well

hi, Just to say that some time ago I had a hystorectomy due to infection of fallopian tubes (nothing to do with cancer). They left my overies, because they have discovered they protect you agains other things.

It is a shock having to go through a big operation–are you having keyhole surgery? I was amazed to discover they can do that in some cases now.

If not can I share that the advise of not lifting anything heavier than a half full kettle is good. I talked to lots of physios after my op because i wanted to get back into things earlier than that and they said–no its right. Move your kettle to a different place so that you do not fill it when you are not thinking. Wear pyjamas round the house to remind yourself and everyone that you may be feeling fine and look great, but you are still supposed to be protecting yourself.

I am sorry you have got this on top of everything else, I hope someone else in your situation will be along soon.

Hi Cherub

Know how you feel about this op. I finished chemo in April and had an Mri 2 weeks ago. it showed an ovarian cyst which is benign but the gyno wants to do a hysterectomy. I nearly fell off the chair as it was a shock and I feel it is very drastic for a cyst.

I am back home in the UK at the moment and am certainly going to go for a second opinion on my diagnosis I had a smar at the end of april and it was fine and tests confirm no OC. I feel it is precautionary but so drastic. I certainly going to check out what my gp says and other options I have.

I would certainly like to here from anyone in this situation as well.

Good luck.

I am hoping there is going to be a simple explanation for this. I’ve checked out all the gynae cancers and haven’t experienced most of the symptoms they mention, but I just thought it was better to be clued up. The doc did say it could be something simple like a piece of scar tissue dislodging itself from where I had laser treatment in the 80s; also I recently had a few hot flushes which I rarely get, once in a blue moon. He also said it was possible I could have had a surge of hormones that was just enough to release an egg. I’m not losing sleep over this, but I do realise I am in a risk group; also my BC tests came back negative and I was told I was fine - found out 3 weeks later I wasn’t as the cancer was hidden by a fibroid I had removed.