post menop they think!!!! on arimidex so why a bleed, , worried

I’m having such a tuff time at the moment. I lost my mom 2 months ago, n I worry it will happen to me
I’ve had my bone dentist scan n that shows thinning, but vthats fine, arimadex I suppose
Bloods show hormone levels are post menapausal
No periods in 2 yrs, since cemo number 4, armidadex as had tamoX for 6 months and hated it
Been havin distarge and like a period pain , had a trans ultra sound, n shows I have couple of small cists on my ovaries, and a thickening
. panic, , , I convinced its not good, n now await a gyno appointment
I have had a copper coil since DX, and my onc on Monday told me to Get it removed, as since the weekend I’ve had actual bleeding, and severe pain, like ovary pain.
So this morning I had the coil removed by the doc, then mentoned about the gyno appointment will do a biopsy. N there can sometimes be womb cancer
I’m now a wreck


no comments ??? :frowning:

Poppy, big massive hug, sorry you have had no replies yet.

My situation is slightly different I that I am on Tamoxifen, but I have been along a similar road recently. Very briefly on Tam since Feb 2011, so-called Post Menopaual Bleed Aug 2012, eight week wait for TVU (Scotland, no 2 week rule) which showed thickening, another 6 weeks for hystersocopy Nov 2012, removed a polyp and scraped cells. Still waiting for formal results (ten weeks later) but was told by phone that cells removed were ‘normal’. No idea about followup, if any. BUT I feel so much better since the procedure and it took away the low grade womb/ovary ache I had been having since August. I may well recur (and I am starting to notice bits of womb ache again) but unless/until I bleed again nothing likely tobe done,
Hopefully when they do the hysteroscopy and biopsies they will find it is what they term ‘typcial’ cells that are thickened, scrape them away to a more normal thickness and you will feel a lot better. I can’t comment on the ovarian cysts, but again, hopefully they will nothing sinsiter and can be taken away or left as is appropriate.

Hugs again

Poppy, I don’t know if what I’m going to say will help you mentally beause out situations are different but here goes.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of October 2012, however in September 2011 I went to the doctors with unexplained bleeding. I’m also post menopausal and I also had a coil fitted whioch had been there some time.
Doctors couldn’t remove the coil so I had a hysteroscopy which the NHS messed up by pereforating my womb an d allowimg infection into the body cavity thus they had to do keyhole surgery to repair the damage they’d cause. Waited three months for a second hysteroscopy plus internal scans etc. I was told there was thickening of the lining.
I was still bleeding and one weekend ended up in A&E because I was bleeding so much. My NHS surgeon was never very interested and when he eventually got my histology report could never make up his mind where what he was seeing should be removed or not. I spoke to five other doctors who all said I need a hysterectomy but my surgeon said he thought not. The hospital I was attending is one of those in the South East London Trust that have gone broke and have hit the headlines recently.
My husband and I had had enough of the uncertainty which had been going on for 7 months so I went and had it done privately (and took out BUPA health insurance at the same time for future problems). I was dealt with immediately and had a total hysterectomy. The histology result was that no malignancy had been found just massive massive infection whicooh had filled the womb and was travelling up the fallopian tubes. In fact I was sitting on a time bomb had the infection burst.
The point I’m making is that this is possibly what is happening to you. The coil c an set up an infecton sometimes. Try not to worry too much as it c ould be something totally unrelated to your current problem. Good luck.

Than ladies, ,its a mind field xxxxx u have both helped
Mwah xx

Aw, Poppy, I was just looking at latest posts to see if I recognised anyone’s name.
Sorry to hear you having troubles, bleeding after the menopause is a common problem whether on BC drugs or not, you have to get it all checked out otherwise there is no peace of mind, hope it happens soon for you.Interesting that Rev Cat’s had something similar.
I had a recent panic with pain from my neck-convinced it was secondaries till a bone scan was clear-phew! Wishing a good result for you too.
And it’s early days since the loss of yur Mum, be gentle with yourself, honey

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So sorry you have had this horrible problem. I haven’t had any of the experiences you have had. Been post menopausal for several years now and haven’t started hormones yet. But just wanted to add my support to everyone elses. Wishing you very good luck and hoping for a good outcome.

hugs pg xxx