post mx bra recommendations pls

Hi, I have high grade DCIS in right breast and ADH in left - I’m scheduled for a right mastectomy and left surgical biopsy (to check they haven’t missed anything) in a couple of weeks. I’ve been advised to get a sports bra for the first few weeks post surgery - does anyone have any recommendations pls. I’m small breasted, slimish build and haven’t yet decided whether I want reconstruction on the right but will need something (I’ve been told) to help keep swelling down on the left. Thanks x

Hi lizred


There’s a couple of threads re post op bras on here, it was how I stumbled across the forum actually when googling for post op bras. If you search on here you should fine them, sorry I don’t know how to post links.


After my lumpectomy last month I ordered loads and loads of bras from expensive Royce ones to cheap Tesco ones, turns out the Tesco ones fit me best and they are also cotton. £12 for a pack of two, black/white.


I also got a nursing bra which was recommended on here. It’s called the Bravado silk seamless nursing bra, it’s not silk but microfibre with removable pads, it’s super comfy.


Have a search for the threads for other ladies recommendations.


Good luck with your op.