post mx raised cord from scar to bottom of ribs

Hello everyone,
I had bilateral mx 1 month ago today, and have had quite a lot of tightness and pain across the front of my ribs down to the bottom of the ribs, which I thought was bruising. In the past week or so it’s been getting worse, and is particularly bad when I do my arm up the wall stretching, especially with the arm sideways on. Today I felt along where the pain is, and on one side I felt a long cord from the scar to the bottom of my ribs, which runs diagonally from about half way along the scar, to a couple of inches in from the sternum. When pressed, it’s squashy like a big vein. On the other side, there’s a cord following the same route, only this one is narrow and hard, and has small bumps on it. I can’t find anything on line about it, does anyone have any idea what it is and what I can do about it? It actually feels as though it will tear if I stretch too much. It’s this that’s stopping me improving my shoulder movements. Thanks, Lynne

Hi Bubbletrouble,

Did you have your glands removed? If so it sounds as though you have cording. You can help to reduce it by placing your fingers on the cord under your arm and massaging it back and forth, about four times. Keep massaging all the way down. As you get used to doing it increase the pressure.

I had it and was lucky enough to get physio once a week and was shown how to do it on the other days.

If you did not have your glands removed or, if you think you need physio, phone your BCN.

Best wishes.



I have had this although not in that place. It’s called Mondors disease or Mondors cord. You can find info on it on here under benign conditions. It is supposed to be uncommon, but my radiographer says it’s on the increase as there is more breast surgery these days. It will go away by itself, although it can take a while. Apparently stress can make it take longer. I had mine ultra sounded at my annual check, but they were not worried, if you google image mondors disease there are good pictures of it. Chat to your BCN if you are worried. I have now heard of quite a few other women who have experienced it.


Thanks Deb and E, I’d really never heard of Mondors. I don’t think it’s cording E, as it doesn’t go to the armpit and I’ve only lost nodes on one side and they came out with the breast tissue rather than being deliberately removed. xx