Post Mx results -what to expect

im due to get my results from my total right mx on Wednesday but I’m not sure what exactly the purpose is. I already know my type grade size of tumour future treatments etc. My lymph nodes were taken in jan and i know those results too. Am I waiting to hear those magic words “clear margins”. I saw my surgeon afterwards -no chest wall involvement. I know it’s a lot more extensive than first thought hence a WLE then re excision and now a Mx. But if they haven’t got clear margins e what happens next as there is not a lot left to take.
Thankyou -if you can make sense of that ramble

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Hi LS,
I think you answered your own question! I too was told that I had no chest wall involvement immediately after the op, but didn’t appreciate what that meant until I met with the surgeon and got my pathology results; no more surgery! I am not sure if there is anywhere but the chest wall to measure margins to after mx, but I am sure the surgeon will confirm that for you.
Have a good extended weekend, will be thinking of you on Wednesday,
MM x

Hi, I was in the same situation as you, had lumpectomy x2, couldn’t get margins, this resulted in mx.
I was offered mx on the basis that they felt my remaining tissue wasn’t safe enough to leave, I’d had mulitfocal sites involved and they felt there could be something there, and shouldn’t leave to chance. The sites were so minute theycouldn’t see or confirm anything left there. I was originally diagnosed with DCIS, and a pesky aggressive tumour which was removed.
On the follow up we discussed the removed tissue which thankfully after looking under the microscope was only showing DCIS (pre cancerous cells)… I live with peace ‘knowing’ my full results rather than ‘wondering’ for a life time.
Good luck to you
Maggie x

your surgeon will have told you what the naked eye could see ,the pathologist will tell if there was sufficent clear margins and what thoose margins are mine for example were 5cm clear margins after they had taken most of my chest wall muscle away.mine also described all the details of the type of tumour I had

Thank you everyone for your replies. I think I am going through the post op pre results anxiety phase again and stressing myself out. After each op so far the news has always been bad so my mind is going into overtime again. Had a panic attack yesterday which just came from nowhere- which ironically I saw my gp about the day before and said I was totally happy with my anti anxiety med dosage no need to increase etc etc. I think my brain just likes to pi** me off and keep me on the edge!
2 nights now with only 2 and a half hours sleep in total. Not good :frowning:
take care everyone
LS xxxx

Littlescoot, as tumour was removed and ALL breast tissue with Mx, there can’t be any margins. If you are to have rads, that will clear up any suspect tissue in chest where surgery was. Good luck for Wednesday.