post oophorectomy spotting - anyone else?

I had an oophorectomy 8 weeks ago and started on Letrozole immediately. Haven’t had a period since Sept 09 (chemo)but was still experiencing cyclical breast changes hence ooph.
couple of days ago had crampy feeling and thought nothing of it. Today spotting slightly but fresh blood
has anyone else experienced this?

it may just be your body settling down but its worthwhile getting an abnormal bleeding checked out… are your smears up to date? as this can sometimes be a cause for bleeding or form cervical erosion on the cervix your practice nurse will be able to tell you if you have erosion… some times called ectopy or ectropian.

hope it settles down.

8 weeks is quite a long time to have fresh spotting. I did have small bleeds after my ooph but they only lasted for a week.
Could it be the Letrozole that is causing it? I know bleeding can be one of the rare side effects of some AIs.
Better get it checked - especially as you are getting cramping too. Can you call your gynae surgeon’s secretary?
Best of luck.

thanks for responses guys - it stopped quickly so went off for party weekend. Will contact specilist gynae nurse today.
xx monica